An Open Letter To WordPress Freelancers Struggling To Find Work

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tl;dr: Whitelist your services and focus your efforts on sales, rather than marketing.

Hello everyone, Jake here, the new third member of the team! I call myself a local small business consultant, but really I’m just a glorified salesman-nerd. I’m sharing what I’ve learned by writing a series of posts how **anyone can make $1000 this week** to our entrepreneur blog. Most of us have a sidehustle with clients and I penned this post to address five redditors who contacted me asking me why they can’t find work.

So, you NEED to hear this if you are failing to find work as a freelancer each week ESPECIALLY SO if B2B WordPress Freelancing is your side hustle or livelihood. I wrote another post how this is so easy even your mom could do consulting work, but that’s for another time.

In my first 6 months of freelancing I flounded about so hard I alienated half my friends through my failures and ill-perceived wins, but in my mornings I can spend 10 hours through the week to bring 3-5 clients to my basic SEO Agency. Turns out it wasn’t due to changing my marketing strategy, it was a core SALES problem I addressed. I could market on social media all day, but whenever anyone would contact me or if I reached out – I couldn’t close a sale!

Quit Freelancer Struggling and Get Back to Basics

I have no real formal training in sales yet my business was bringing in B2B leads by targeting local business owners. You could read and study sales, but you need to do so academically by recording what you’re saying and doing. Open up a few books like Question Based Selling that highlights the mentality of focusing on the customer’s problems by asking sales. I suggest you follow the Entrepreneur blog that will cover all of my sales tactics. You could study psychology and the compelling copywriting skills to drive people to purchase services. To bring your success rates higher, model what works and steal intelligently.

Since studying sales, my agencies first basic cold call method that evolved off a script is what took me off. Since upgrading this script (which is laid out in the Medium Post above, my rates for acquiring the business owner’s personal cell or email went up from 5% to 50% to 85%. My goal was to have a 1 on 1 forum asking them questions about their problems. I will expand on this process in the future and will have a stream of me placing calls next week. It will make or break you as a novice, but this is an excellent sidehustle if you have mornings to place calls.

You do not have a marketing issue if you’re a freelancer starting off. Potential clients are EVERYWHERE. There are hundreds of websites that you can send a message. There are thousands of businesses in your city that need website work. You have a SALES problem if you cannot close a client. You may also be evaluating your time poorly if you are not charging your client 2k minimum for a wordpress site.

They are making 500k-5 million dollars a year in whatever industry they’re in, and you’re a struggling freelancer collecting SCRAPS when you DO close. They know this, but you need to let them know you can solve their newly uncovered dire problems.

Most of the time, their website could EASILY take 3-5x ROI if it properly works with the right SEO semantic syntax and UX that directs everything into a contact lead form. I’m not going into the financials for this yet, but the ROI is actualized through the number of Organic vs PAID traffic over time.

Also once you discover additional problems, you realize that most local businesses suck at sales. Given you can at least understand basic copywriting, you could tack that skillset on for another 1-15k if you can just model what Gary Halabert says. Its super difficult to find clients to write copy for starting off, but good copywriters are hard to come by.

Copywriting Theory to Stop Struggling

Stop the struggle, freelancer. You need to make them know the PROBLEM, and have them realize they’re hurt by AGITATING them before you offer a SOLUTION (PAS). Copywriting formulas can be used in verbal language in any negotation. CAR: Present a Context, Action done, and Result of the action.

A 15 page website I bill for 2 to 5k. This is just a REALLY basic wordpress site on Nginx that you can install the CMS within 5 seconds with a tool called EasyEngine.

Then you just hire a Fiverr worker 20$ (roughly 10$/hr) to properly install a wordpress theme and plugins and to fill out the entire site with dummy text and words. Rely on yourself to fix errors. I can also spend 30$ x 10 (~15$/hr) for ten really excellent SEO optimized articles for that site.

I also came upon this Profit Exploding Word that is at the core of my success. At the cost of around 400$, I net the rest and pay my 3rd party agency to WHITELIST our services under (self insert for a book The Mastermind Within is publishing). Under our brand they do the work of adding new landing pages and articles as well as do additional SEO work for 400$/month and another agency does Branding and automated marketing for 150$/mo but I charge 1k per month for this and clients LOVE getting x10 more results through new google reviews, business citations, and sudden converting traffic and customers WAY more thenthey had before. I do a monthly meeting with them using whitelisted agency’s SEO report with our logo on it. Taking credit for their work is A1, and everyone wins.

The entire actionable steps and tactics will be penned and written over the next month on The Mastermind Within as well as LIVE video examples and 1 on 1 training sessions for those who value their time.

Whitelist is life.

To conclude, please realize the scope of the problems that you’re having. It’s not that you’re a struggling freelancer that isn’t not just being found, it’s that you’re not reaching your customers to address their problems. Follow what works, and the rest will follow.


P.S. I still want to help you, as I mentor sales and freelancers. I want to know the exact thing that you mail your clients to open them up. This may be over the phone, over on upwork, or even on fiverr. What do you do to initiate your first step in your sales funnel for bringing in freelance work? I will critique what I can at my leisure by the end of the week.



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