100 personal finance blogs to read in 2018

100 Personal Finance Blogs to Read in 2018

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Welcome to the 12 Days of Personal Finance! This is day 10. In the spirit of the holiday season, and inspired by the 12 Days of Christmas, I’ve put together a series of 12 posts all dedicated to the topic of personal finance. The 10th day of personal finance showcases 100 personal finance bloggers to read in 2018!

On the 10th day of personal finance, my true love gave to me! 10(0) personal finance bloggers, 9 ways to save money, 8 awesome finance videos, 7 steps to financial freedom, 6 spreadsheets and tools, 5 amazing podcasts, 4 financial metrics, 3 big expenses, 2 steps to financial success, and the #1 rule of personal finance! (and a partridge in a pear tree?)

Step 5 of The Mastermind Within 7 Step Plan to Financial Freedom is to invest in yourself. The best investment you can make is in yourself.

In this post, I am going to showcase 100 personal finance bloggers to read in 2018. Yes, I realize that I’m violating my own rule, but there are just so many great blogs and fantastic content for us to consume.

Investing in increasing your knowledge will pay (figurative, but maybe literal) dividends over your lifetime.

Without further ado, let’s get in to the list of 100 personal finance bloggers to read in 2018!

100 Personal Finance Bloggers to Read in 2018

I’ve compiled a list of 100 personal finance bloggers for you to check out. I’ve segmented my list into 5 sections, for readability, but also to call out some friends and people who are crushing it! Here is how the 100 are broken down:

  • 16 Awesome Personal Finance Blogs in the Midwest
  • 15 Personal Finance Bloggers Who are Crushing It
  • 11 Big Ballers of Personal Finance
  • 24 Awesome Personal Finance Bloggers I’ve Met
  • 34 Amazing Personal Finance Bloggers I Want to Meet!

16 + 15 + 11 + 24 + 34 = 100! Enjoy the list and I hope you find a blog you haven’t read before and check them out!

16 Awesome Personal Finance Blogs in the Midwest

10th day of personal financeI have to represent from where I’m from. There are a number of Midwest bloggers who I’ve met over the past year who are all super amazing people – and all of them have some great blogs as well!

Here’s the first 15 bloggers on the list – all Midwest, the majority of whom are from Minnesota – check out their content using the links below:

  1. Apathy Ends
    • Mr. AE as he goes by online, crushed his student loans, and has now saved up a solid amount for retirement. He loves beer and smokes an amazing pork shoulder. Check him out on his way to Financial Independence here: Apathy Ends Blog
  2. Financial Panther
    • A former big lawyer, Financial Panther is now the king of side hustles. He posts an in-depth side hustle report each month – with some months hitting $2,000 in money made outside of work! Check out Financial Panther here: Financial Panther Blog
  3. Fiery Millennials
    • Side hustling, house hacking, podcasting, and blogging are all light work for this lightning rod of energy. Gwen is an amazing young lady and someone who is special to me. At 27, she has nearly $200,000 in net worth and isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Check the Fiery Millennial herself out here: Fiery Millennials Blog
  4. Physician on FIRE
    • A High Income Doctor who recently has reduced his hours, Physician on FIRE is someone we all can be motivated by. He has created an amazing site and following after a few years of blogging, and is someone I look up to financially and as an entrepreneur. Check out Physician on FIRE here: Physician on FIRE Blog
  5. Wealth Well Done
    • Looking for inspiration? Wealth Well Done is the place to be. Bill has not let anything get in his way in the last 10 years and is looking to share his story with others. Building a 7 figure company and giving back in the community, Bill is doing some amazing things and will continue to do so in the coming years. Check out Wealth Well Done here: Wealth Well Done Blog
  6. Bible Money Matters
    • Starting way back in the mid-2000s, Bible Money Matters has been a big player in the personal finance scene for years. Pete is a super nice guy as well, and has some tremendous content. Check him out here: Bible Money Matters Blog
  7. Abandoned Cubicle
    • Avid biker and real estate investor, Cubert can’t wait for the day he is able to spend his time the way he wants to spend it. Check out Cubert here:Abandoned Cubicle Blog
  8. The Grounded Engineer
    • Engineers make a lot of money, but the jobs aren’t all that sexy. Combining technical skills and sales skills can speed up your time to financial independence and that’s what The Grounded Engineer is looking to do on his way to early retirement. Check out The Grounded Engineer here: The Grounded Engineer Blog
  9. Miss Mazuma
    • A flight attendant who loves to hang out with friends and save money. A little bit scarred by real estate, she is on her way to financial independence again. Check out Miss Mazuma here: Miss Mazuma’s Blog
  10. All She Saves
    • Destroy that debt! Krystal hates debt and is paying it off aggressively. A relatively new blogger to the scene of personal finance, she is documenting her path to being debt free! Check out All She Saves here: All She Saves Blog
  11. Keep Thrifty
    • Chris is sharing his financial story, one step at a time. Early retirement and traveling the world are his goals. Check Keep Thrifty out here: Keep Thrifty Blog
  12. My Money Wizard
    • Featured on a number of major news outlets, My Money Wizard is doing very well for his late twenties with a net worth close to $200,000. My Money Wizard is saving his way to financial freedom. Check out My Money Wizard here: My Money Wizard Blog
  13. Young Adult Money
    • One of the bigger bloggers out there, DC has been very successful in the past few years growing Young Adult Money. Check out Young Adult Money here Young Adult Money Blog
  14. She Picks Up Pennies
    • An educator living in the Midwest, Penny has eliminated a stack of debt, tackled clutter and has become a mom, all in the past few years. Check out Penny here: She Picks Up Pennies Blog
  15. Life for the Better
    • Getting college paid for by the military? Check. Buying a rental property? Check. Debt free with nowhere to go but up? Check. Life for the Better shares his story of getting to a 6 figure net worth all before 25. Check him out here: Life for the Better Blog
  16. Married With Money
    • Managing money isn’t that hard – the math is simple. The actions behind the math? Not so simple. Dave shares his story of how he paid off debt and how he is now building wealth for his family and future. Check out Married with Money here: Married With Money Blog

15 Personal Finance Bloggers who are Crushing It

Next up, I present to you 15 personal finance bloggers who are crushing the online blogging scene. Thousands of viewers come to these sites daily. Why is that? Simply put: when you have an awesome story, and share it in a unique way consistently, you will build a following and you will get readers.

Check out these 15 personal finance bloggers who are crushing it:

  1. Millennial Boss
    • Tech Company Worker by day, Online Entrepreneur by night. Millennial Boss has a podcast, FIRE Drill Podcast, and a blog making $2,000 a month. Talk about motivating! Check out Millennial Boss here Millennial Boss Blog
  2. Mustard Seed Money
    • House hacking his way to a paid off mortgage and now has an amazing blog, a family, and is saving 70%+ of his income. Truly an inspiration to me and others around him. Check out Mustard Seed Money here: Mustard Seed Money Blog
  3. From Cents to Retirement
    • Online Entrepreneur and Real Estate Mogul – Ben is doing very well for himself on his way to financial freedom and early retirement. Watch out in 2018 as he makes some more splashes in the European rental market and starts to make great gains in his net worth. Check out From Cents to Retirement here: From Cents to Retirement Blog
  4. Guy on FIRE
    • $500,000 net worth by 28 through real estate and house hacking? Guy on FIRE’s finances are ON FIRE. Check out his real estate focused blog here: Guy on FIRE Blog
  5. Frugal Asian Finance
    • Personal finance can be fun, especially when experimenting with cutting costs and raising a family. Frugal Asian Finance shares their frugal living experiences and tips on the way to financial freedom. Check out Frugal Asian Finance here: Frugal Asian Finance Blog
  6. Simple Money Man
    • An Accountant and Finance Professional looking to achieve Financial Freedom. Start early and save often is his advice. Check out the Simple Money Man here: Simple Money Man Blog
  7. The Frugal Gene
    • Millionaire status as of last month, The Frugal Gene is all about frugality and building wealth for the future. Check out The Frugal Gene here: The Frugal Gene Blog
  8. Gen Y Finance Guy
    • One of my main influences financially speaking, Gen Y Finance Guy is all about increasing his income and living the high life while also saving for the future. Making half a million a year as an early 30’s C-Suite Executive? That’s crushing it. Check out Gen Y Finance Guy here: Gen Y Finance Guy Blog
  9. Big Law Investor
    • There aren’t too many resources for high income lawyers and as a result, the Big Law Investor was born. Actionable advice and content for lawyers and other high income individuals, Big Law Investor is a great resource. Check out Big Law Investor here: Big Law Investor Blog
  10. Life and My Finances
    • A debt free real estate investor with a blog making $1,000 a month? I love the multiple income streams! Derek is a very successful guy with a lot going on for him. Check out Life and My Finances here: Life and My Finances Blog
  11. Millennial Revolution
    • Canada’s youngest retiree – millionaires and retired at 31. Why spend time at a job you don’t like? Why spend big bucks on massive houses? Go again the grain. Read Millennial Revolution here: Millennial Revolution Blog
  12. I Dream of FIRE
    • Stop wasting time – compounding is only powerful when you let it work for you. 2014 was a wake-up call for the Dreamer in Chief – $2,400 in a money market account would not cut it. Now, I Dream of FIRE is on his way to financial independence. Check out I Dream of FIRE here: I Dream of FIRE Blog
  13. Life Zemplified
    • Finances, Fitness and Fun – the 3 main topics on Amy’s mind. I love Amy’s blog as she always has amazing tips and advice for improving your situation. Check out Life Zemplified here: Life Zemplified Blog
  14. Super Saving Tips
    • A retired shopper always looking for a deal, Gary is doing his best to make sure his readers are in the know for saving at the store. Check out Super Saving Tips here: Super Saving Tips Blog
  15. Debt Free Climb
    • Climbing out of $55,000 of student loan debt, Gary has been crushing it and now is looking to build wealth and travel the world. Check out Debt Free Climb here: Debt Free Climb Blog

11 Big Ballers of Personal Finance

Now, here are some huge bloggers in the personal finance space. I’m talking about millions of views a month and thousands of dollars of revenue for many of these bloggers. They are all people I look up to and aspire to model as an entrepreneur going forward online.

  1. Financial Samurai
    • The first blog to expose me to wealth building tactics and becoming financial free, Financial Samurai is slicing his way through life. Sam has built an incredible site, with many resources and highly ranked articles with tons of information. He was the inspiration who got me to buy my house and start a blog. Check out Financial Samurai here: Financial Samurai Blog
  2. ESI Money
    • A recently retired former marketing manager at a large company, ESI Money focuses on his message: financial freedom comes from earning, saving, and investing. It’s that simple! Plus, ESI truly is a big baller since he just purchased Rockstar Finance! Check out ESI Money here: ESI Money Blog
  3. Afford Anything
    • You can afford anything, but not everything. Paula has built an amazing brand – focusing in on what she does best (real estate) and now inspiring many with her podcast and blog. Check out Afford Anything here: Afford Anything Blog
  4. Coach Carson
    • Real estate mogul and career coach – Coach Carson really is a big baller (literally – I played basketball with him at FinCon!) His blog serves thousands, and he has an amazing amount of information on his website. Check out Coach Carson here: Coach Carson Blog
  5. Making Sense of Cents
    • Former Financial Analyst turned personal finance and affiliate marketing expert – Michelle makes over $100,000 a month from her blog. That’s incredible. Check out Making Sense of Cents here: Making Sense of Cents Blog
  6. Budgets are Sexy
    • J Money, the creator of Budgets are Sexy, and founder of Rockstar Finance, has been an icon in the community for many years. He has an awesome Mohawk, and now is focusing on his life as a parent post financial independence. Check Budgets are Sexy out here: Budgets are Sexy Blog
  7. Millennial Money
    • Millionaire at 30, Grant has proven to many that it is possible to get rich fast – increase your income and savings rate and you will get there. He is an inspiration to me as an entrepreneur and I hope to replicate his success in the next 5 years. Check Grant out here: Millennial Money Blog
  8. PT Money
    • Founder of FinCon, PT has a tremendous influence on the space of personal finance. Created back in 2007, PT has built a fantastic blog and brand around personal finance. He has advice and information on all things personal finance. Check PT out here: PT Money Blog
  9. Millennial Money Man
    • Why work as a band teacher when you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars online? That’s Millennial Money Man’s story and he is sticking to it. Making over $100,000 a year blogging seems to be his thing nowadays. Check Millennial Money Man out here: Millennial Money Man Blog
  10. Frugalwoods
    • Frugality is the way to go, says the Frugalwoods. Why spend money when you can enjoy life with the people around you and the experiences you can make? Check out Frugalwoods here: Frugalwoods Blog
  11. Mad Fientist
    • Retired in his mid 30’s the Mad Fientist went from successful software developer to traveler, blogger and podcaster. Now he is working on his body and is trying his hand at music. I look up to him as a role model and his path definitely inspires me. Check out the Mad Fientist here: Mad Fientist Blog

23 Awesome Personal Finance Bloggers I’ve Met in Person

I met many of these bloggers at FinCon and can honestly say, they are some of the nicest people I’ve met in my life. In addition, it’s crazy to learn about their story and realize that there are more millionaires around us than we think!

Check out these 23 awesome personal finance bloggers I’ve met in person:

  1. Waffles on Wednesday
  2. Max Your Freedom
  3. Optimize Your Life
  4. Adventure Rich
  5. Minafi
  6. Fetching Financial Freedom
  7. The Military Guide
  8. Northern Expenditure
  9. Tawcan
  10. 1500 Days
  11. A Journey We Love
  12. Money Metagame
  13. The Retirement Manifesto
  14. Student Loan Planner
  15. Broke Millennial
  16. Uncommon Dream
  17. Chief Mom Officer
  18. Our Next Life
  19. Bravely
  20. RisdomFI
  21. Montana Money Adventures
  22. Bayalis is the Answer
  23. Think Save Retire
  24. Plan Invest Escape

34 Amazing Personal Finance Bloggers I Want to Meet in Person!

Finally, here are 34 more bloggers I want to meet at some point in my life. All of them have great stories: some of who are retired already, some who are doing real estate on the way to financial independence, some using dividends, and some who are just looking to improve each and every day in life.

Check out these 34 amazing personal finance bloggers I want to meet in person:

  1. Freedom is Groovy
  2. Dividend Daze
  3. Dividend Diversify
  4. I Saved 5k
  5. Financially Alert
  6. Pennies and Dollars
  7. Two Cup House
  8. Handy Millennial
  9. Run the Money
  10. Cash Fasting
  11. Debt Discipline
  12. Investment Hunting
  13. Mama Fish Saves
  14. The Frugal Farmer
  15. Full Time Finance
  16. Rebel with a Plan
  17. Trail to FI
  18. Buy Hold Long
  19. Freedom 40 Plan
  20. Early Retirement Dude
  21. Marriage, Kids and Money
  22. Future Proof MD
  23. 99 to 1 Percent
  24. Money Buffalo
  25. Accidental FIRE
  26. Winning Personal Finance
  27. Passive Canadian Income
  28. Enwealthen
  29. Finance Superhero
  30. FITnancials
  31. Damn Millennial
  32. Picky Pinchers
  33. Project Beach Life
  34. Making it Rain

Which Blogs The Mastermind Within Community Members are Reading

One of the great things about having readers is being able to ask them about their strategies for financial success. A number of people contributed on the question of which blogs they are reading.

The Grounded Engineer is reading many of the blogs on my list above:

  • Physician on FIRE
  • The Frugal Gene
  • Fiery Millennials
  • Apathy Ends
  • Retire by 40
  • FI180

Gen Y Finance Guy reads the following high income focused blogs:

  • Financial Samurai
  • ESI money
  • The Money Commando
  • Wall Street Playboys
  • Millionaire Doc
  • Southern Fried Finance
  • Max Your Freedom

Finally, Trail to FI says Mr. Money Mustache is his guy:

Obviously Mr. Money Mustache. He really got me interested in FI (Financial Independence) by appealing to my “suck it up” side. I felt like I wasn’t doing enough before. I also like Retire by 40, My Money Blog, Fiery Millennials, Abandoned Cubicle, Coach Carson…the list goes on and on.

So many great blogs out there to read!


There are so many personal finance resources out there for you to read – I hope these 100 blogs give you a good start in the New Year to get learning about how to improve your financial situation.

Over the past year of me blogging, I’ve came to realize everyone has a story. Everyone is unique and everyone’s perspective is important. There’s a wealth of information out there – 100 personal finance bloggers all who are pouring their hearts and minds out there for you to read.

Let me know which ones you like!

And that’s that for the 10th day of personal finance! 10(0) personal finance bloggers for you to read in 2018! You have a lot of consuming to do in 2018. The 11th day of personal finance will present to you 11 side hustles you can start to build up some extra income on the side.  

Make sure to come back tomorrow and the next 2 days after to continue to receive the gift of personal finance.

At the end of the 12 Days of Personal Finance, I’ll be combining all 12 days of content into a free eBook for subscribers. Make sure to subscribe now to get on the list and you won’t miss out on this amazing offer.

Until tomorrow,




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  1. Best Christmas gift ever! It means the world to me that you included me. I’m so glad I’ve been able to find this amazing community, even better that so many of us are in the great state of Minnesota!

    Now I need to take the entire week of Christmas to read through and follow all of these amazing bloggers you’ve highlighted!

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      You are welcome Krystel – You have a lot to read and I’m glad you’ve stopped by to further your education! Looking forward to seeing you next week.

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      You are welcome Josh – I hope to travel the country someday – also think it would be awesome if you made it to FinCon or some other meetup! Have a good one

      1. It’s on the wishlist for 2018 if I can swing it (timewise)–definitely on the bucket list. Believe it or not, I’m already overbooked for September with family and business commitments.

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      Thanks Physician on FIRE for stopping by! You are welcome – you were almost put on the Big Baller list, but I think the Midwest list is better to be on!

      Happy Holidays! 🙂

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  2. It would definitely be a pleasure to meet up with you and discuss some personal finance over a beer or two. You kinda cheated a little bit with your 100 gifts, you can re arrange the number to 10 square 😀. Now that’s still ten lol.

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  3. Dude, you’re like my brother from another mother. Thanks for mentioning me TWICE!

    Though I must protest: I feel like I am **crushing it** — if that is, you consider a blogger doing his or her best to crush/destroy/crash/burn his or her blog site with dumbass coding hacks. *grumble*

    Let’s grab beers again soon, Erik.

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      You are welcome Cubert 🙂 Let me know if you need any help on the web development side – I’m decent at HTML/CSS/etc and learning more by the day!


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  6. I must say this is an amazing guide for many individuals like me. Thanks for sharing such a helpful stuff and I definitely recommend this list to my friends also.

  7. Hi Erik,

    This is long and awesome list! And you’re right, “Investing in increasing your knowledge will pay (figurative, but maybe literal) dividends over your lifetime.” This list might be my reading list for the rest of 2018! Cheers!

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