Homemade Sushi Night

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Fish is my favorite food. Salmon, shrimp, tuna, tilapia, I love it all. What about raw fish? I love it too.

Last Saturday night, My friends and I had homemade sushi. We all love sushi, and figured we would save some money, have some fun, and make sushi ourselves! I want to share with you our fun and frugal night!

Ingredients for Homemade Sushi

Below are all of the ingredients we used in making homemade sushi. In addition, I list the cost to give you a feel for how much we spent on each ingredient.

Sushi Grade Fish

Fish: Salmon, Tuna, and Marlin

Amount: 1/2 of each

Cost: ~$25

sushi grade fish

Seaweed Wrap

Cost: $3


Vegetables: Carrots, Avocado, Cucumber, Red and Green Peppers

Cost: ~$9


Amount: 1 Pound

Cost: ~$2

Total Cost for Homemade Sushi Night

Total cost: ~$39.

Making Sushi

Now that we have our ingredients, it’s time to make some sushi!

Cutting the Vegetables

We decided we would make sushi rolls with cucumber, avocado, carrots, and peppers. The final step of making a sushi roll is to wrap it up tight inside the seaweed wrap. To allow the wrap to be tight, the vegetables must be cut thin! Cutting the vegetables took about 15 minutes.

cutting carrots

Roommate Greg chopping up carrots

Cutting the fish

The sushi grade fish came in 3 1/2 pound slabs. The marlin, salmon, and tuna had to be cut into skinny pieces to help the rolling process. Cutting the fish took about 15 minutes.

raw fish cut up

The fish is all cut up!

Cooking the Rice

We cooked the rice in a rice cooker. Once the rice is done, transfer the cooked rice to a large mixing bowl. Next, you add a vinegar solution called the “su“. The vinegar solution makes the rice sticky and able to hold the seaweed together.

With all of the ingredients prepped and ready to go, we can now get on to the main event – eating!

Once we had cooked the rice, cut the fish, and chopped up the vegetables, we could get on to making the main dishes.

Fried Rice

To make some fried rice, we splashed some canola and sesame oil on the rice, scrambled an egg, and mixed in bits of carrot and onion. At this point, I was very hungry. I scarfed down my fried rice!

fried rice

Fried Rice


Next, we made some nigiri pieces. You roll up some rice and lay a piece of fish over the top. That’s it! Dip it in some soy sauce and toss her back!

nigiri sushi


Sushi Roll

Finally, we made some rolls of sushi. To make a roll of sushi, you do the following:

  • Warm the seaweed wrap over a burner
  • Spread the rice out on the seaweed wrap
  • Place your veggies and fish in the middle of the rice
  • Dab some water on the edge of seaweed wrap and roll it tight
  • Next cut the roll into equal pieces and eat!
homemade sushi

One piece of sushi

All the food we made was so good. The 6 of us were full and happy after the meal.


The six of us all enjoyed our homemade sushi experience. Good friends, good food, and good times.

Also, because I’m cheap, I was happy because the total bill for the night came to less than $40 to feed everyone! If we went out for sushi, the bill easily would have been $150+ for the 6 of us. That’s a savings of over $100!

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share my frugal night with you.

homemade sushi

Homemade Sushi!

Do you like sushi? Have you ever made sushi at home? What fancy foods have you made at home?




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  1. My girlfriend and I used to do this. It’s amazing how much fun you have doing this yourself.Not to mention the $$$ saved by not going out!

    Great read!

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  2. I love sushi! It’s my favorite type of food. I’ve never taken the time to make my own, but you may have convinced me to try….$40 for 6 people! Outrageous value! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. I have never had sushi at home but I would love to try. My wife and I have talked about doing it but for whatever reason have not gotten around to trying it. Maybe one of these days I can convince her to take the plunge 🙂

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  4. My family loves sushi and we make it at home from time to time. One of my favourite sushi to make is the Futomaki, where I stuff as much ingredients as I can on to seaweed without busting it. I also love to have teriyaki eels as on of my ingredients.

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  5. I love sushi too! It just tastes amazing and feels pretty healthy to me. Sushi night is a brillant idea. Frugal, fun and fantastic way to get together with friends. With a cost of around $40, it’s actually a lot cheaper than I expected it to be!

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  6. I have to try this sometime because in the summer we have a vendor at our local farmers market that sells sushi grade fish. Even if its just to do the sashimi and nigiri.

    My wife and I easily spend $60 a pop every time we go out to get sushi. Being in SoCal we have some really good all you can eat places, so I make sure I get my moneys worth 🙂

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      Do it! It’s fun and it’s chraper than going out. There’s a mediocre all you can eat sushi place down the street from my house… $25, but I definitely get my money’s worth when I go there!

  7. Great post, Erik. My wife and I make sushi often and we have also hosted game nights with friends with homemade sushi on the menu. Making the sushi is a lot of fun and the cost savings can be pretty incredible as well.

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  8. Sushi at home is a definite food hack. Even if you mess it up the first few times, as long as you get quality fish, it’ll be good. Recently, I’ve been making poki which is even easier than sushi as long as you know how to make a decent tamari marinade. YouTube and Google are great teachers, you know?

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