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Warm-ups and cool downs have always been part of an athlete’s main stay.  What do you do to get ready for a big game? Do you have pasta parties the night before (carb loading)?  Or do you visual yourself crushing the competition, visualizing each detail as it happens real-time, executing the strategy you have been practicing for months.  Many athletes have pre-game rituals: did you know Michael Jordan wore his UNC shorts under all his professional shorts when he was winning his 6 championships for the Bulls?

Check out some of the interesting pre-game rituals here.

One of my favorite is “The Haka” performed by the All Blacks New Zealand Rugby team… talk about intimidating before the match!!!

We all have our own rituals, superstitions, and pump up songs! I personally love “Nothing is Stopping you” by Big Sean and Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” while getting ready for my workouts.  Are you preparing for a work presentation, wedding speech, first date?  There are plenty of reasons to get yourself in the zone. Am not going to get into mentally psyching yourself up here, but keeping your body physically prepared is key as well.

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Mindpump has recently introduced a program on “priming” your body before workouts.  Your body is supposed to move a certain way and there is a reason why form is everything when lifting, shooting a basketball. It’s just like in life, being balanced is extremely important!

MAPS Prime

MAPS Prime is specifically designed to encourage superior muscle recruitment, proper joint mobility, and priming the central nervous system to maximize the muscle building signals sent throughout your body.

The key to MAPS Prime is in it’s ability to re-align your body.  This means getting rid of muscle imbalances.  For example, I have partial labral tears in both my shoulders.  This makes exercises like the overhead press and the bench press more difficult because it puts added pressure on the shoulders.

I saw a physical therapist and they said I can never truly able to repair the tear, but can strengthen the surrounding muscles by small specific movements targeting that area.  (I could have surgery, but opted not to have surgery).  This has always been a struggle (even doing therapy); lifting has difficult and I could potentially re-injure the shoulders.

The exercises in MAPS prime specifically work to help correct these weaknesses through a combination of lifting, yoga, and physical therapy.  I AM VERY VERY VERY VERY EXCITED TO BE USING MAPS PRIME AS PART OF MY WORKOUTS!

The MAPS Prime Workouts

There are three main tests to judge your muscle imbalances and functionality. They help you customize what is right for your priming.

  1. Zone 1  – “Wall Test” consists of the entire upper body starting at the thoracic spine.
  2. Zone 2 – “Windmill Test” identifies spinal and core rotational mobility and over trunk connectivity.
  3. Zone 3 – “Squat Test” consists of the low back, hips, and the rest of your lower body.

After these tests you are given a wide range of movements to help target your  weakness areas before and after your workouts.

Next Steps

I am exited to try some more of these exercises before league basketball tonight! This should help me with my goals; I should be dunking soon!

Do you have a history of injuries?  Do you notice random pain, or a “something” doesn’t feel right moment while exercising?  Is that holding you back from your health / exercise goals?

Also, check out the MindPump Podcast and take your education and wellness into your own hands.




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