Blog Traffic and Income Report – January 2017

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The secret of getting ahead is getting started. – Mark Twain

The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there. – Vince Lombardi

Welcome to the first monthly Blog Traffic and Income Report for The Mastermind Within! Each month, we will be posting our blog statistics to give readers an understanding of the nuts and bolts of what Erik and Henry are doing and achieving here at The Mastermind Within.

This post will take the following form: first, a recap of the various posts written by Erik and Henry throughout the month. Second, the traffic and income statistics which are gathered from Google Analytics and the various affiliate and ad networks The Mastermind Within takes part in. Third, we will discuss what changes or strategies we have for the next month, February 2017, to try to boost traffic. As always, any and all feedback is gladly welcomed. I know that I don’t know everything about blogging. (not even close)

In January, Henry and Erik posted 25 times. As mentioned in our goals post, we want to post 250 times in 2017. We are on pace for 300 posts in 2017; we just need to stay consistent and we can accomplish this!

Henry had a few posts on yoga, working out, and taking a loan from his 401(k) to pay down debt. Here is a list of the non-book review posts Henry wrote in January:

Erik had posts on increasing his credit limit, taking out a credit card to save money, and his goal to read 75 books. Here is a list of the non-book review posts Erik wrote in January:

Henry posted the following book reviews:

Book Review Book Review Book Review

Erik posted the following book reviews:

Book Review Book Review Book Review Book Review
Book Review Book Review Book Review Book Review
Book Review Book Review

Next… on to the good stuff!

In January 2017, we had 1,636 page views and we made $4.32!! Big money!! (You think we can retire off this? Joking!)

As you can see above, we had some good days, and some not so good days. You can see the breakdown of revenue for the month of January: we have affiliates links throughout the site from Bluehost, Amazon, and Xtheme. In addition, we utilize Google AdSense. As the page views increase, hopefully these numbers will increase. Time will tell; this is a fun experiment!

Do you want to start a blog? Click here for details on how to get going!

This is a great start for our first month of blogging. For the most part, I’m excited about the possibilities and opportunities for this blog. To drive traffic in the first month, we spent a fair amount of time trying to comment on other people’s blogs. We do this for two reasons: one, it is part of our mission statement. We want to build a community where knowledge can accumulate and ideas can prosper.

The Mastermind Within Mission Statement:

The Mastermind Within hopes to build a collaborative community where ideas can flow openly, and readers can build knowledge and experience amazing personal growth.

The second reason is it is a fairly decent method to get traction in the blogosphere. By commenting on the following sites, we were able to get a majority of our page views:

Take Your Success Mustard Seed Money Freedom 40 Plan Picky Pinchers
Life and My Finances Financial Samurai Be Net Worthy Financially Alert
Making Sense of Cents Couple of Cents ESI Money Money Boss
Dividend Life Buy, Hold Long Epic Quiver Go Finance Yourself
Gen Y Finance Guy Biglaw Investor The Frugal Farmer Abovare
Simple Money Man Investment Hunting Full Time Finance 1500 Days

In the coming months, we want to explore with coming up with a better layout for the site, continue to be consistent with our posting, and continue to grow each and every day! 🙂 As I mentioned before, any and all feedback is welcome!

How did January go for your blog or website? What tips or tricks could you share with us to improve our blog?

A journey of a thousand miles beings with a single step. – Lao-Tzu

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      Too bad you can’t cash out until $100 🙂 Thanks for the support and the comment Dom, means a lot to both of us. Looking forward to staying consistent and becoming more active in the community.

  1. Wow great job!!! I have to admit that I haven’t even been able to get approved by Google Adsense. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but clearly they like you more 🙂

    Keep up the awesome work and I’m really enjoying the posts!!!

    1. Post

      Thank you for your kind words Mustard Seed Money. I hope we can keep providing good content. Best of luck on the adsense, I don’t actually remember why or how I got approved… I’ve read there are better ways, but adsense is decent.

    1. Post

      Hey Dividend Life! Thank you for your support. I’m looking forward to watching it grow as well. We made some good moves in January. With consistency and valuable content, we can keep growing!

  2. I think you’re off to a very good start. I started with my first post just before the turn of the year, and my numbers as good as yours. I had about half the visitors and page views. I suspect your more frequent updates and high level of activity in and around is really paying off!

    I’m currently focusing on building up a strong content base, and clearly defining the concept and the profile of Abovare, before I put some real effort into marketing. I have a couple of ideas other than just chronologically presented posts that I want to play with that I think can add value to visitors. I also think visitors are more likely to convert to fans and followers if my content base is a bit more solid than it currently is. So that’s my strategy!

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you’re going to do with the looks of The Mastermind Within, and the other things you have coming up.

    1. Hey Lars-Christian, I certainly agree that getting a solid base of content is extremely important. That’s something we are working on here… book reviews, financial education, self improvement; it’s a fun process to try and find your niche.

      I really enjoy reading the stuff on your site. Looking forward to growing together!

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  3. Great job with the Google Adsense revenue Erik. You tripled mine lol.

    I noticed that you don’t have a subscription located just at the end of your post. It will be more successful if you put it there instead of at the end of the page. I use a mobile phone to view your blog.

    1. Post

      Leo, helping me on real estate and the blog! Thanks for the suggestion. I’m going to make a tweak here; either a pop-up or a slider. It’s all about experimentation at this point!

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