power of writing goals down on paper

The Power of Writing Goals Down on Paper

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power of writing goals down on paper

Whenever I read articles or books on setting goals, many of them recommend writing your goals down on paper. Why is that? Are your goals more concrete or real? Is the result attainable? I want to share with you my progress on one of my goals I set back in March. There seems to be some power of writing goals down on paper…

My Directive Affirmation

In March, I read the book, With Winning in Mind. One thing With Winning in Mind talks about is writing a Directive Affirmation. A Directive Affirmation has the following elements: definition of the goal, a time limit, a pay-value for goal, and an outline of the plan for the goal. For the blog, I wrote a Directive Affirmation:

  1. Define the goal: I am a blogger making $1,000 in passive income per month
  2. Set a time limit: July 1st, 2017
  3. List the pay-value: I am adding value to my readers and build wealth passively.
  4. Outline a plan to achieve the goal: Write an e-book and produce other free content for our readers. I will explore various affiliate programs to increase potential revenue. I will continue to comment and work on SEO to grow traffic. Every two weeks, I will meet with my partners to determine what has worked and what hasn’t worked to strategically move forward.

7/1/2017. I am a blogger making $1,000 a month in passive income. I wake up each day eager to provide value to my readers and have built a broad reader base. I wrote an e-book and have produced other free content for our readers. I have various affiliate programs which increases potential revenue. I comment and work on SEO daily to grow traffic.Β  I am a blogger making $1,000 a month in passive income.

I’ve written this on a few index cards and scattered them around my house. Whenever I come across them, I will do as With Winning in Mind instructs – I read and reflected on it. This will kept me focused on my goal.

directive affirmation

My Directive Affirmation

Looking at my Directive Affirmation, I did accomplish some things, and didn’t accomplish others. I didn’t write an e-book, but I did produce a few freebies for you, my readers. I do have various affiliate programs in place, but have only made about $50 from these links. Commenting and SEO is a daily effort. Essentially, I did most of what I set out to do, but I was a little short on passive income…. or was I?

My Income (Not Quite Passive)

When I set this goal, I already was (and still am) making passive income from my roommates paying me rent. I receive $1300 a month in rent. When I set the goal, I was not going to count my rental income, since this is unrelated to any income received from my blog or online. Plus, it’s kind of cheating to set a goal for something you are already doing!

Outside of my 9 to 5 job, rental income, and statistical consulting income,Β I’ve been able to create some new income with Jake in our business partnership. As I’ve touched on in recent posts (Starting a Subscription Box Business andΒ You’re Right Where You’re Supposed to Be), we have been setting up two income streams: a kombucha tea subscription kit business, and an upload ready t-shirt design business. For the first month in a half, we have been able to bring in a couple thousand dollars and this is promising towards my goal.

HOWLinfuse Income

For HOWLinfuse, Jake and I have been taking orders on our website but also set up a Kickstarter to sell subscription kits. We were able to raise $2550 through the Kickstarter, and have received $905 through the website in orders.

kickstarter income goals cratejoy income goals

This has not been passive at all, but it’s fun getting an email saying, “So and so subscribed to your box and has paid you $139.99!”

ShirtSpice Income

For ShirtSpice, we have made nearly $500 through direct selling. This is not quite ready to be passive or scale as we are still fine tuning the website, designs, and strategy.

t-shirt passive income paypal plasso income

Did I Succeed or Not?

Well, technically I didn’t succeed. The Mastermind Within hasn’t made over $40 in a single month, and we are still in the red for the 6 month period. That being said, Jake and I have been able to bring in close to $4,000 in revenue in the first month and a half… so split in two and adjusted to a month’s time, that means I’m making an extra $1,300 in income a month…. But when you take out all the expenses, it’s more like a few hundred bucks a month (we are still getting our finances in place).

Did I succeed or not? I’m a blogger and I increased my income to 1,000 a month… What’s interesting is I didn’t succeed through this blog. Again, The Mastermind Within has not made more than $40 in a single month. What impresses me is how a change in my mindset, generate an extra $1,000, lead me to an opportunity and now I’m doing just that!

In the next few months, it’s going to be fun to see if these businesses can scale. We are getting into a commercial kitchen next week, and will be sending out the first kombucha kits at the end of July. We are also creating niches for various t-shirt designs and are going to look to market both businesses through Facebook ads.


It’s been a pretty wild two months. Writing down your goals has a lot of power, and while you might not reach the goal you write down, you’ll be successful in some manner.

Since May 2nd, I’ve learned so much about small business, about website design, and about how to go from nothing to something. I’m very excited to keep it going in July – I’m hitting my stride in terms of time management and doing very well in my work, side hustles, and personal time. Some might think I’m doing a little too much, but I feel I’m right where I’m supposed to be πŸ™‚

Do you write your goals down on paper? What are you working towards these days? You be the judge, did I succeed or not?





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Comments 16

  1. Erik, if you’re moving in an upward direction, you are succeeding to some extent. It’s largely a matter if you’re happy with your level of success, and if not, deciphering what you need to do to raise that level of success.

    I think you’re doing GREAT, and I also think that with your determination and continuing education, you’ll do better each and every month. Keep it up!

    1. Post

      Thanks Laurie for stopping by – it’s been a great year learning and growing, I’m hoping to keep it going! πŸ™‚

  2. This is so true! Writing things down and even repeating them to yourself is a powerful self motivator. They say if you really want something, to write it down, put it on your closet wall and every morning go read that statement out loud. It helps you wrap your mind around what you’re looking to do and builds confidence!

    1. Post

      Definitely and it works! When you keep the right things out front and center, then you are capable of achieving anything! πŸ™‚

  3. I started documenting mine more in 2017. I keep them on a tab with my budgeting spreadsheet so I can see them on a regular basis and see if I am progressing towards them. Always having your goals in the back of your mind helps to create little bite sized steps on how to achieve them!

    1. Post

      Nice SMM, I love the tab in a spreadsheet technique, especially if it’s regarding your financial goals! Thanks for the comment and have a good one!

    1. Post
  4. I find writing things down (notes, goals, shopping lists, etc) is extremely effective for me! If I don’t do this, I tend to more easily forget about what I plan to do or need to do. Both the visual aspect and the actual act of writing (not typing!) makes a big difference for me. Thanks for posting!

    1. Post

      Thanks Mrs. AR. I typically have decided to keep things internally and I’m realizing that it’s better to share and let others in on your goals because when you achieve them, they will be happy for you and supportive.

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  5. Who said that passive income needed to be blogging income, anyway? Looks like you’re working on multiple revenue streams, which is a great way to diversify your income anyway. I like the writing down of positive affirmations. I like writing to-do lists and goals, but I’ve never taken in in the direction that you have. Very interesting! I’ll have to try it out πŸ™‚

    1. Post

      Thanks for stopping by CF. I agree, blogging is just one of the potential income streams and hopefully, it will grow into something substantial over time!

      Have a good day.

  6. These is something incredibly powerful by writing down on paper your goals. There have been studies showing that by writing it down on paper that you are 42% more likely to acheive your goals than otherwise. It’s also to see where you’ve been and where you are going. Keep up the awesome work.

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