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Authentically Living Your Truth

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“Fake it until you make it.”

Such a simple saying, one which has certainly benefited me, but also is lacking. Confidence will make up for a lack of skills and understanding in some situations, but cannot fully replace everything necessary.

If you were given the choice, would you rather have something fake or real? Would you want someone who is a real friend, or a fake friend?

If I bought a gold necklace, I would want the gold to be real, instead of fake.

In my last post, I talked about finding your Personal Truth and unlocking your life mission. Your Personal Truth is your guide to leading a successful and happy life.

But something lacking from my last post are the steps to living out your Truth and making a difference for your family, friends, community, company or whatever thing you are looking to accomplish.

Authenticity is the key to being success with your Personal Truth.

Another popular saying is “Be yourself, everyone else is taken.”

Who are you, what is your Personal Truth, and being you, being authentic is what I will be discussing further in this post.

Being Present and Living in the Moment

Let me first talk about how living in the moment is important, and how this will help being authentic in living out your Personal Truth.

Self awareness and being present in the moment has been a constant focus of mine for the last few years.

When I was growing up, I would be in social situation and constantly preoccupied with my own thoughts. I’d be talking to others, and not listening or contributing to the fullest.

It was doing a disservice to them, and also myself, as I wasn’t getting the most out of these interactions and my relationships were not at the level I wanted.

The process to being present has been a work in progress. Doing yoga and meditations has helped, as well as being more focused on building relationships, and understanding energy and social dynamics.

What do I mean when I say being present, being yourself and living in the moment is important for success?

Speaking and interacting from the heart, truly caring for others, and doing your best work can only happen if you are living presently in the moment.

Can you multitask? Can you do two things at once effectively?

If you are looking at your phone, I doubt you are hearing the people around you. Some people can manage this, but I’m certainly not one of those people.

If I’m looking at my phone, I’m distracted from the real world.

Likewise, if I’m looking and interacting with you or others, I have no idea what’s going on in my phone or on the internet – and I don’t and shouldn’t really care!

For living out my Personal Truth in a way which will lead to the most fulfillment and happiness, it’s important to be focused an living in the moment.

Authentically Living Out My Personal Truth

My Personal Truth is the following:

I believe I’m capable of providing amazing value, through my actions and thoughts, to help other people achieve their goals in life. This value can be manifested in many different ways: through my daily actions, through how I interact with others, and through what I put out into the world through my work.

A key point here is that it is my belief that I can affect change in the world.

Writing this blog post is part of living out my Personal Truth.

This blog post has been sent to my email list of 900+ individuals.

Now, going back to my point on living in the moment, do you think this blog post would be any good if I was distracted while writing? (Assuming my writing is any good to start with… 😉 )

Over the past 2 years on this blog, I’ve came a long way in my writing.

When I started out, I didn’t always speak from the heart. I was a naive blogger and did all of the silly things a lot of bloggers will do: put up a start a blog page, inserting random links to products and things that didn’t align with my goals or interests, and not having a focus on my content.

Part of this was my inexperience, and part of this was me not being authetic.

Now, I’m talking about what I love, trying to spark real new ideas and strategies for you to become better, and not caring about making a quick buck online.

Back in July of 2018 for example, I took a risk, for no reason other than because it fit with my Personal Truth and it needed to be told on the blog.earned $115,000 at age 26

I believe the economic principles and investment theories being applied in the world are WRONG. As someone who is pushing for financial freedom, and also running this blog, if my Personal Truth is providing value to others, then I need to share my knowledge.

I did share my knowledge. You can access all of these posts on this conclusion post: It’s Better to Be A Year Early than an Hour Late.

Living From the Heart is Best

I want to talk more about my investing series talking about some of my alternative thoughts.

First, I hope we all are rich someday. My hope is that everyone reading this post will have a life of abundance: abundance in your wealth, abundance in your work, abundance in your relationships, and abundance in your possessions and experiences.

I’m an optimistic person and look to live with an abundance mindset. If I win, I want you to win. If I win and you lose, then that’s not sustainable in the long run.

In this series on investing and economic theories, I took some heat. I don’t believe stocks are as great of an investment as so many “professional” financial advisors and personal finance bloggers recommend.

I wasn’t selling anything in any of these 12 posts. That wasn’t the purpose of the series.

Instead, I was talking about the many assumptions which lead to potentially disasterous results when extrapolating past investment results into the future.

Taken at face value, sure, you might think I’m someone who wants doom and gloom for personal gain, as my investments are set-up for a less than rosy economic scenario.

OR, as I’ve discussed, my perspective and Personal Truth is that I truly believe we are headed for rough times and I want to help others navigate these storms successfully.

If I didn’t discuss these topics, I would have felt a piece was missing from my impact through this blog. I needed to do it for my fulfillment, but also because it was information that was needed to be put out there for others to read. My content would be FAKE if I didn’t put this out there, and instead, I chose to put out my real thoughts.

If I’m rich and no one else is, then it will be an empty existence. I want success for you and your family. – that’s why I write on this blog. I don’t care what you age is, what race you are, what religion you practice, or what your education is. If you are looking to become better over time, then let’s be friends.

This is my Personal Truth, and I’m not backing down from it (and I don’t expect you to back down from your Personal Truth either!)

Authentically Living Your Truth

I believe that I can provide great value to others through my work and thoughts. This is my Personal Truth and I’m living it out on a daily and weekly basis.

At the same time, it’s a work in progress. There are days where I don’t do a thing. There are days when I need a break and disconnect from the world.

It’s okay.

Balance is incredibly important for finding what works for you and becoming the person you are meant to become.

Full consistency is impossible, but consistent efforts will lead to massive success and results over time.

I hope that this post has inspired you to look to live in the moment, be present during your day and live your truth authentically – whatever that means to you!

Next week, I’m going to touch on how to shape your Personal Truth over time with considering new information, and also talk about confirmation bias and trying to live with an open mind.

Over the next year, and as long as I run this blog, I will continue to write from my heart, and write through the lens of my Personal Truth.

You can do anything you put your mind to, you can accomplish anything over time. Personal development is a process and is certainly worth pursuing.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Thank you for reading 🙂


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