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It’s a Bubble! Setting a Schedule for Success, Pinterest, and the 12 Days of Personal Finance

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A blog is a record of a person’s thoughts on the internet. These thoughts can range from highly actionable tips, to random thoughts jotted down and spewed throughout the post.

I have a few things I’ve been wanting to write a post about, but haven’t because I’m not sure I could come up with 1,000 to 1,500 words to do so. But, that all changes today. In this post, I want to go over 4 things I’ve been thinking, doing, actions I’ve been taking and plans for December.

On the agenda:

  • It’s a Bubble!
    • Some thoughts on the current investment landscape
  • Setting a Schedule for Success
    • Roommates Gone + New Desk and Monitor + Office = Increased Productivity
  • Pinterest
    • Creating landing pages for my business to send targeted traffic from Pinterest
  • And, a special announcement you won’t want to miss.

It’s a Bubble!

Disclaimer: The following should not be taken as investment advice. I’m not a investment advisor. Do your own research before purchasing or selling any investments.

Turn on any financial news station and you’ll hear some talk about how Bitcoin is tearing up the financial landscape and is a bubble. Bitcoin hit $10,000 this week and many of the media members are saying Bitcoin is a bubble. I’m not quite so sure, but I can see their point.

Yesterday, I was reading a post on Quora about Bitcoin’s rise and the author made a very interesting point. Many people are calling Bitcoin a bubble, but no one is commenting on the fact that the stock market has been a tear this year. In the Quora article, the guy overlaid the Bitcoin price chart and the S&P 500 price chart (the time scale on Bitcoin is truncated).

bitcoin sp500 chartHis point was the S&P 500 and Bitcoin charts are similar, both are at all time highs, and neither probably are bubbles (or they both are). But that being said, even with a pullback or price drop in either Bitcoin or the S&P 500, it should be temporary and continue to all time highs in the future.

Why do I bring this up?

I don’t watch the news, but when I see a headline like this, I have to shake my head: Jim Cramer: Bitcoin is a bubble but stocks are not overvalued.


As I’m learning more about how the world ACTUALLY works, people with money control a lot of what is going on. If the media is pushing something, I try to step back and think for myself. Why are they saying this?

Honestly (and see my disclaimer above, these are my own personal thoughts, please take them with a grain of salt), I think if Jim Cramer is saying stocks are not overvalued, and there’s no noise about the S&P 500 being a bubble, then it’s quite possible we are coming up on a peak.

Consumer Confidence hit a 17 year high, and people are back to work. The unemployment rate is very low, and the economy seems to be ticking along just fine.

But here’s the thing: I’m not going to get too comfortable with all of this occurring. Let’s face the facts: the S&P 500 has seen nearly 10 years of continuous gains without a substantial pullback. There has been some weakness in the credit space (Subprime Auto Loan Delinquencies Increasing and Rising credit card delinquencies add to U.S. Banks’ Worries). Companies are doing well, but there’s not wild out-performance that we might expect with all time high’s left and right.

I’m not calling a peak, because as a human being, I’m incapable of predicting random things accurately, but signs are pointing to weakness rather than strength.

Back to Cryptocurrencies and the Current Investment Landscape

(Again, see my disclaimer from above.)

I’m bullish long term on both the stock market and cryptocurrencies. Back in August, I ended up dipping my toe into the crypto market. I’m investing what I can afford to lose, and while it could be worth quite a bit in the future, if I lose it, I’ll be just fine.

For people who are interested in cryptocurrencies, there’s many resources out on the internet – my opinion is blockchain and the technology surrounding these various coins can solve a lot of the financial issues that we experience today (payments, for example) and that excites me. I don’t know which coin will come out on top, but as a whole, this market could move up and to the right as more and more people buy into this market.

For the stock market, I’m being a little more cautious. I ended up funding my Roth IRA for 2017 in full at the beginning of November but haven’t actually purchased anything. It’s sitting in cash. I’m just not comfortable yet pulling the trigger on any assets because (a) I haven’t done the appropriate research, and (b) see my thoughts from above.

As a personal finance guy, the rule is time in the market vs. timing the market, but I’m facing the facts and being a little cautious. It’s $5,500, so I’m not losing too much by keeping it in cash for a few months here. I’m still full bull in my 401k with 90% stocks, and at least at this point, I’m not doing anything there.

To Conclude on this Subject…

litecoin cryptocurrencyThat got a little bit long winded and potentially conspiracy theory-y (my attempt at making theory an adjective), and so here’s my final point on the current market landscape: all markets experience highs and lows. We need to be cautious and think about what we are doing in our investments and financial situation. Think for yourself and your family, just because the economy is seemingly going well, don’t get too high or too low personally.

In the long run, assets which have value tend to trend up and to the right. I’m holding tight for now, and time will tell on what will happen in 2018… it should be interesting.


On to something more light hearted: My New Office!

Okay, so now that the above is out of my system, I’m super excited to share my new working space with you:

new office with ikea

And yes, these are from IKEA πŸ™‚

My roommates are gone (the ones I made $39,000 off in 27 months), and I’m loving life. I’m no longer woken up at 1 AM when I’m sleeping. I don’t have to worry about anything breaking or being misplaced, and now that I have a nice desk to work at, my productivity is spiking πŸ™‚

Practicing What I Preach

After coming back from vacation, I’ve been quite busy. I had a lot to catch up on and I started to neglect my body. Last week, I spent all day Wednesday inside, and felt horrible. My chest was tight, I was stressed, and felt like things weren’t working out the way I was hoping they would.

Thursday with my family was a great refreshment. I didn’t do any work on Thursday and it helped me recover a little bit, let loose (okay, not really, I had 1 drink with dinner), and have some fun with my sisters.

On Saturday, I played some basketball and was feeling pretty sluggish. I was able to keep up, but as a 5’8″, 155 pound guy, I felt I was over-matched more than normal. In months past, I would be able to keep up. But as I mentioned, I’ve been neglecting my health a little more than I have in the past. My 155 weight wasn’t a tight 155. It was a little bit of a flabby 155. I couldn’t touch rim, and my wind was lacking after just 2 games.

Sunday, after setting up my desk, I told myself I have no excuses anymore. It’s time to set a schedule for success.

Setting a Schedule for Success

The Miracle MorningMy main priority for December will be my health. I need to practice what I preach and apply what I’ve learned from The Miracle Morning.

After seeing what Grant is doing over at and what Mrs. Adventure Rich is doing with her Streaking , I was inspired to get back in the gym and get back to work. I purchased a few supplements on Cyber Monday, and stocked up on healthy proteins, fats, greens and fruits at the grocery store.

I’d love to get back up to a weight of about 165, and I know I can after 1-2 months of eating well, and working hard (in 2013, I put on 15 pounds of weight and increased my lifts 50% through sustained training and eating, so I’m up for the task).

How will I do this?

First, I will be waking up at 6:15 AM each day. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, I will be hitting the gym after first doing the S.A.V.E.R.S program from The Miracle Morning.

erik mirror body

Admittedly, I think I look pretty good, but I’m not feeling how I want to feel. Everyday, we can improve.

Monday, I will be doing push movements (shoulder press, bench press, chest press), Tuesday will be leg day (squats, lunges, etc.) and Thursday will be pull movements (deadlifts, bent over row, pull-ups). On my off days, I will be stretching and taking a 30 minute walk during the day to loosen up.

Saturday, I’m going to get back to consistently playing basketball for cardio and cross training purposes (plus it’s a lot of fun), and finally Sunday, I’m going to focus on my core and abs.

By starting my day off right, and focusing on my body, I will (and already have) experienced a boost in my productivity.

Finally, I have to throw this in there because it’s very important:

Abs are made in the kitchen.

If I’m not feeding my body the appropriate nutrients, it really doesn’t matter what my workouts are. Like I mentioned above, I’m looking to eat high protein, high fat meals and mix in lots of fruits and vegetables to get my nutrients and natural sugars.

I know I’ll be successful.

Getting on Pinterest

Back at FinCon, J from Millennial Boss gave me my first taste of Pinterest. She told me, as many others have shared, that she gets 20,000+ viewers to her blog each month from Pinterest. With 5,000+ followers, this doesn’t surprise me.

BUT, as a guy, I looked at Pinterest and get super confused.

She helped to take away a little bit of that veil, but I still was struggling. I ended up posting pinning a few times at the end of October and then dropped it once I got back to work.

Fast forward to last week, I realized that for my kombucha tea business, we were missing a HUGE opportunity by not being on Pinterest. I had been listening to the Simple Pin Podcast for a few days but I still was confused. It was obvious to me, I needed some more help.

I Bought a Course for Pinterest

I ended up buying the Simple Pin Media course for $297 (through the business though πŸ™‚ ). My business is making an investment to grow our brand and following on Pinterest. I’m not ashamed to admit I actually spent money on this course, because it was pretty good. Sure, I think the actual value is probably more like $100-150, but I still think it was very valuable.

Going through it, it helped me understand what I needed to do. I need to be consistent with my pinning, but more importantly, I need to have pins which stand out, and have landing pages which are optimized for Pinterest viewers.

The market we are targeting for kombucha tea is DIYers and Homebrewers. What better way to get people to our site then to post recipes?

kombucha tea recipe pin

This weekend, I ended up making 36 landing pages (an example here: How to Flavor Kombucha Tea with Strawberry Basil IngredientsΒ  with the corresponding pins and I will be going loud with these pins over the next week. I’m really excited. I’m learning so much, and will be excited to take this new found knowledge back to attracting more viewers to The Mastermind Within.

If you have any experience with Pinterest, I’m open to hearing any advice or suggestions! Also, I’d appreciate a follow -> The Mastermind Within on Pinterest πŸ™‚

I’ll provide updates on the business in the new year. Things are turning around a little bit after grinding to make the website optimized for conversions, and also heading into the Christmas season. Like I said, I’ll provide an update in 2018, because I have something HUGE planned for December.


INTRODUCING: The 12 Days of Personal Finance!

You heard it here first! Taking some inspiration from the 12 Days of Christmas, starting next Wednesday, The Mastermind Within will feature 12 posts in 16 days all based on personal finance. Each day will feature a different topic AND at the end of the 12 days, everyone on my email list will get a eBook with all of the posts included! πŸ™‚

I’m super excited to be giving the gift of personal finance to all of my 300+ email subscribers. It’s going to be a big December!

Make sure you get on The Mastermind Within email list to get your 12 Days of Personal Finance eBook! (see the bar at the top of your web browser if you aren’t subscribed.)

That was a Little Longer than I was hoping for…

There you have it! I ended up going in to some topics a little bit more than others, but I wanted to give you a feel of where I’m at right now in life. I’m really pumped up about my new office, and super excited for December and 2018.

This Friday, I’ll have blog statistics for the month of November (it was my best month to date!) and then on Monday, I will be featuring a fellow Minnesotan in a guest post (I also did a guest post for his site.)

And, like I said above, Wednesday will kick off the 12 days of personal finance!

Readers, what are you working on? Did you have a good Thanksgiving break? Do you like when I talk about random things like in this post?




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  1. Hi Eric,
    There is a lot here, but I will focus on Pinterest. I just followed you and I’d appreciate the same:

    I’m trying to promote my blog through Pinterest. I was totally confused at first, but have hacked my way through it. After a month, I’m set up and now pinning consistently through board booster. I learned everything I know from reading on the web. Creating landing pages for Pinterest users is a new concept for me that you mention. I’m not sure how landing pages fit with my strategy? I’m starting to get traffic from Pinterest, but it’s not sticky traffic. I have 100% bounce rate from Pinterest sourced users.

    I’m rambling here, so I will cut off and just say time will tell and I’m sure I still have a lot to learn. Thanks for sharing all of this.


    1. Post

      Thanks for the follow πŸ™‚ I agree there is a lot here…

      For the landing pages, it’s a monetization strategy. If you are going to be sending people to your website, and if your goal is to monetize that traffic, then just sending them to a post might not be the best execution. Sending them to something that has the potential to bring in money (affiliate links, a product, an email lead magnet, etc.) will be much better.

        1. Post
          1. Hi Erik, Sorry to bug you with another question. Did your Pinterest course suggest an optimal number of Pins per day? I know consistency is key, but I have read different thoughts on quantity ranging from 10-100. I’m currently pinning through Board Booster 15 times per day. I tried Tailwind, but I found it confusing. Any thoughts appreciated…..Tom

          2. Post

            Hey Tom, the course said, as you mentioned, consistency is key, but they would recommend no more than 30 pins a day. In addition, the course said you should probably have less than 50 boards (I don’t think you are close to that, but just another point that was made)

            I haven’t explored automation yet, so I’m interested to see what happens with that.

  2. First off, Jim Cramer is correct less often than a coin toss –

    I agree (as discussed on Twitter) that the stock market is due for a drop of some sort, although I’m not sitting on any cash at this point. I’ve been thinking we were due for a drop for at least the past year, so I don’t trust my own judgment. I’m just throwing money into the market whenever I get it. Luckily with a steady income and a secure job, the risk of a market crash is pretty minimal for me. I can wait it out until it comes back.

    Congrats on the office. I really like the separate reading chair. I find that when I am reading in a chair at my desk I tend to check email or Twitter and interrupt myself too easily. The separate chair helps develop more of a focus on what you’re doing.

    1. Post

      Yeah, as human beings, we aren’t very good at predicting things.

      I agree with you that a market crash shouldn’t have too big of an effect on us. We are young and have steady income πŸ™‚

      Thanks for stopping by Matt.

  3. Thanks for the shout out. I look forward to seeing your progress. And by the way that is pretty awesome before picture.

    I’ve toyed with the idea of getting into Pinterest. I’m really not a fan of Twitter. I hate the idea of “having” to post 10 times a day just to get a trickle of traffic. I was thinking Instagram might be better? I don’t know. Keep us posted on what kind of traffic you are getting.

    1. Post

      Thanks for the compliment. Like I said, I eat well and I look fine, but I’m not feeling what I feel I should feel πŸ™‚

      I’ll have to let you know about the traffic πŸ™‚

  4. It’s great that you are starting to expand your social media presence on Pinterest. I am on Pinterest too and just Followed you πŸ˜€.

    I have heard that Tailwind is a great Pinterest posting tool and I am considering using it as I have heard quite a few bloggers raving about their blog traffic success using Pinterest. I will add you as a contributor to my boards.

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