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Hi there, I’m Erik.

Every once in a while, I feel it’s necessary to provide an update on what I’m thinking, and if this aligns with what you are hoping to get from reading The Mastermind Within.

As the owner of this site, if I want to expand my reach and influence, then it’s crucial that I write what my readers want and enjoy to hear about. I have a duty and a responsibility to provide great content which is both actionable and interesting. I go through life looking to learn, make mistakes, learn some more, and provide you with tips and tricks on how to succeed – unfiltered.

In this post, I’m going to tell you what you can expect going forward at The Mastermind Within.

the mastermind withinSelf Improvement, Personal Finance, and Entrepreneurship

As someone who is trying to apply The Slight Edge and grow a little bit each and every day, self improvement is very important to me. I’ve gotten away from it in the recent months when I’ve gotten busy. In the coming months, I’m going back to posting what books I’m reading to improve my situation, and what you can apply from these books.

Another thing which I’m passionate about is personal finance. Personal finance is personal, but it is also an integral part of life. Without financial stability, it’s incredibly difficult to grow. I’ll be taking you on a journey through my financial life and what I’m doing on the path to financial independence. What I love about the personal finance space is that it ties in very nicely with self improvement and personal development.

Finally, I will be talking about my entrepreneurial efforts: my side hustles, what I’m trying to do online, and how I’m learning the necessary marketing and technical skills to do so. Again, I love how entrepreneurship and self development tie together, because if to succeed in business, you must have your stuff together.

All of this is tied together by my favorite quote:

“Your level of success is rarely exceed by your level of personal development, because success is something you attract by the person you become.” – The Miracle Morning


To be successful, consistent effort must be applied over a sustained period of time. No one is an over night success. Some of the most famous people and most successful people in the world spent years and years perfecting their craft. It didn’t come from a week on, a week off. The success didn’t come from a grinding month, and 3 months off. It came from daily disciplines repeated over months and years.

I will be posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can expect a new post sent to your email inbox at 11 AM Central Standard Time with subject matter that relates to one of the 3 general categories from above. The content will be related to what I have going on in my life, and what you can take away and learn from my success and failures.

Freebies, Giveaways, and Exclusive Content

I’ve created 3 freebies for The Mastermind Within and these have been great for my readers. An Income Statement for tracking income and expenses, and The Mastermind Within Debt Destruction Tool are two great tools to improve your financial situation.

In the coming months, I want to continue to pump out 1 or 2 more freebies. In December, I have a special series coming out that will result in a freebie (shh, it’s a secret 😉 )

Finally, I’m working on other exclusive content that will be only available to subscribers and people on The Mastermind Within email list. This is hand-curated content not on the blog – look for this middle of December.

Actionable Advice and Content in the Topics from Above

Here’s something I will promise to you: I’m not going to filter my life for you. Transparency is how people learn and grow. I could make up any story I wanted and produce click bait crap, and get a bunch of page views. But that’s not right and not what I’ll be doing.

I’ve made many mistakes in my life and I’ve learned from these mistakes. By sharing these mistakes with you, I hope you can learn from them as well.

I’ve also had many successes in my life, and I’ve tried to continue this success. I’ll be sharing these successes with you, and I will provide tips and tricks for you to apply in your life for your own personal success.

So many blogs and people online focus on only the positive. It’s quite possible that these people are as perfect as they seem, but after a while, it’s not as authentic.

Here’s my mission statement for The Mastermind Within:

The Mastermind Within hopes to build a collaborative community where ideas can flow openly, and readers can build knowledge and experience amazing personal growth.

If it’s only a dialog about my successes, then it will get boring. Yes, you’ll learn a lot, but if you notice, the first sentence says ideas can flow openly. Honestly, no one is perfect and like I said about, I’m a failure in some aspects of life. Documenting these failures are as important as documenting the successes.


I was listening to the Tony Robbins Podcast in the car today and he said a very important key to his success was being a giver. Being a giver, rather than a taker, is essential when trying to build a business, blog, following, friendship, etc. Giving you great content and freebies on a regular schedule is what I’m here to do. And I’ll do it. It’s my promise to you.

I’m going to give you actionable advice and interesting content on this blog. I’m super excited for the coming months. There are a ton of super exciting things happening in the world right now.

Readers: are you ready for the next couple months at The Mastermind Within? Are you ready to unleash your potential? What are you most looking forward to?

Looking forward to next post,




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Comments 11

  1. Making the commitment to post three days a week. I like it. I admire the bloggers that can find time to knock out three posts a week while working full time.

    I would like to hear an update about the Juice kit subscription and the t-shirt businesses. Mainly what have you learned and what advice would you give yourself if starting over.

    1. Post

      I’ll be doing updates on those in the coming weeks. Right now I’m trying to get things settled on the back side. I’ve been learning lots, and have many tips to share.

  2. Totally agree that consistency is the key to success. There is no short-cut way and consistency involves commitment and passion. I look forward to seeing what you have outlined for the future!

    1. Post
    1. Post
  3. Welcome back Erik. 2017 had been a wild year so far. There are so much to learn and do when you start to blog.

    Recently, I am experimenting with Pinterest, trying to take my blog to the next level. Is there any plan in your secret post related to Pinterest?

    Oh yeah thanks for all the tweets.

    1. Post

      I was listening to the Simple Pin Podcast yesterday in the car and will be starting to apply what I’ve learned there. We will see.

      The main points are just being a great curator of content for your viewers.

  4. Consistency is key as well as great content. I remember a few months ago a post about your potential Drop shipping business. I don’t know if this is still a thing or it hasn’t been built up enough yet to share. But I would be interested in seeing updates on that sometime. How has it been going? Keep up the great work!

    1. Post

      Yes, yes and yes! In 2018, I’m planning to roll out a complete series on it.

      I want to share the complete story, and right now it’s not at a point to share. So I’ll be writing more on it in 2018.

      Thanks for the comment DD 🙂

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