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Creating a Financial Waterfall through Side Hustling with Cody from Fly to FI – Episode 24

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Want to improve your financial situation? Are you side hustling?

Get off the couch and go make a little bit more money!

Side hustling is a great way to get a little bit more money in your pocket and can help you improve your financial situation outside of your day job.

What’s awesome, is that it can actually help you make more money in your day job too!

Creating a Financial Waterfall through Side Hustling with Cody from Fly to FI – Episode 24

Cody is a recent college graduate, but don’t let that stop you from thinking he hasn’t done much with his life. He was able to secure a near-six-figure income straight out of college with a bachelor’s degree. But the W2 job isn’t what excites Cody. He is an entrepreneur at heart who has already founded a successful business and a profitable blog. He’s constantly shooting for the stars and looking for opportunities to advance his financial position.

I’m excited to dive into talking about side hustling, increasing your income, and also talk about how to go about getting into business in your 20s. Welcome Cody!

You can check out Cody’s website here: Fly to FI

With all episodes, I want to have a few takeaways for you to apply in your life. Here are three from this episode:

  • Action is so critical to achieving your goals
    • Ideas are worthless without action
  • Look to create your financial waterfall through multiple income streams
    • Side hustles, W2 work, real estate, (if these make sense) all can lead to income streams which can allow for a flexible lifestyle
  • The best side hustle is the one you are most passionate about
    • The best side hustle is not one that makes you millions, but doing something you’ll love and enjoy

If you are an iTunes or Stitcher person, The Mastermind Within Podcast is on those channels as well!

Hope you love this episode!!!

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