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8 Silly, Cheery, and Amazing Personal Finance Videos for the Holidays

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Welcome to the 12 Days of Personal Finance! This is day 8. In the spirit of the holiday season, and inspired by the 12 Days of Christmas, I’ve put together a series of 12 posts all dedicated to the topic of personal finance. The 8th day of personal finance present a collection of silly, cheery, and informative personal finance videos. Enjoy!

On the 8th day of personal finance, my true love gave to me! 8 great personal finance videos, 7 steps to financial freedom, 6 spreadsheets and tools, 5 amazing podcasts, 4 financial metrics, 3 big expenses, 2 steps to financial success, and the #1 rule of personal finance! (and a partridge in a pear tree?)

I’m tired of writing. There’s a wealth of information that can be provided through video. I scoured the internet for 8 great, silly, informative, amazing, and cheery personal finance related videos for your enjoyment. Get some popcorn, some milk and cookies, and sit back and relax! Hopefully you learn something! 🙂

8 Great Personal Finance Videos

Below are 8 silly and fun personal finance videos for you to watch. I’ve included a short summary of each in addition to embedding the YouTube video into the page.

A Day in the Life of a Financial Advisor

I can only imagine being a financial advisor full time. People are irrational and don’t always think critically about their situation. I know I don’t always take a step back to think about what I’m saying some times.

The following video is pretty funny and is a meeting between a 45 year old person who wants to retire in 5 years, has $100,000 in savings, hates fees, wants to invest in gold, but doesn’t want to listen to the financial advisor. I laughed quite a bit watching this one!

The 12 Days of FI Christmas

On the 1st day of FI Christmas my true love gave to me! An awesome music video for you and me!

My friend, I Dream of FIRE, came out with this music video just last week, and let’s just say, it’s amazing.

Combining Legos with anything is a great combination – and then add personal finance, financial independence, and Christmas to the mix, and you have a winner.

Santa Baby for Money Savers

“Santa Baby, Please max out by 401(k), all the way!”

Another great video that combines money and Christmas! My friends from Northern Expenditures have put a spin on Santa Baby.

If your a personal finance nerd like me, please give this a listen – know you’ll love it.

As a bonus, this couple came out with another video this year! Here it is: Don’t Have to be Old to Retire

Everything You Need to Know About Finance – Presented by William Ackman

Do you want to be an investor in the stock market or in businesses? If so, it’s a requirement to understand the in’s and out’s of finance – particularly, the income statement and balance sheet.

In the following video, William Ackman, CEO of Perishing Square, breaks down everything you need to know about finance – going through an example of starting a lemonade stand business.

Regardless of what you think of hedge fund CEO’s, this video has a ton of information, and helped me a lot understand how businesses are valued and how finances are calculated and viewed to investors and business owners.

How the Economic Machine Works – Presented by Ray Dalio

Why does the economy experience booms and busts? Why do events like 2008 happen, when a credit bubble forms, and subsequently pops? What are the main inputs to the economic environment?

Ray Dalio, Chief Investment Officer of Bridgewater Associates, answers all of these questions and more in his video, How the Economic Machine Works. Combining this video with the previous video by William Ackman will instantly make you smarter than 90% of the population when it comes to personal finance, economics and the world.

Personal Finance Basics – Presented by Ramit Sethi

Building a solid personal finance foundation is essential to financial success.

Getting the basics from a personal finance expert will only add to your knowledge of the space – and will make you that much more potent as a budgeter, saver, debt destroyer and investor.

7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom – Presented by Tony Robbins

The 7th day of personal finance featured Tony Robbins with his 7 steps to financial freedom.

I included this video because I love the way Tony Robbins’ inspires me to be a better person with his anecdotes and way with words.

Watch the following video for inspiration and motivation, but also information in his message.

Calculating Numbers on a Rental Property – Presented by Brandon Turner

For you Real Estate enthusiasts out there, here’s a great video from Bigger Pockets and Brandon Turner to add to your toolbox.

Many people, including myself, are interested in rental properties. I think real estate is an amazing way to build wealth through the appreciation, cash flow and tax benefits the investment class provides.

However, when buying a new rental property, it’s important to run the numbers to make sure it’s a good investment. Without further ado,  I’ll let an expert show you how to calculate the numbers on a new rental property:


I hope these 8 personal finance videos bring you joy and cheer! After watching these videos, I know I feel a little happier, but also ready to tackle my finances.

There’s so much to learn in the world, and it’s great to combine the information with some jokes and parities. I like to keep things light here at The Mastermind Within – pure information is boring. Spicing it up is the way to go!

Enjoy these 8 personal finance videos – I hope you learn something new! 🙂

And that’s that for the 8th day of personal finance! You have some watching to do! 8 videos for you to enjoy this holiday season! On the 9th day of personal finance, I will be sharing with you 9 money saving tips and hacks.

Make sure to come back tomorrow and the next 4 days after to continue to receive the gift of personal finance! 🙂

At the end of the 12 Days of Personal Finance, I’ll be combining all 12 days of content into a free eBook for subscribers. Make sure to subscribe now to get on the list and you won’t miss out on this amazing offer.

Until tomorrow,




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