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The Benefits of Living with an Abundance and Growth Mindset

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I wake up each and every day excited. I’ve been on a roll lately, and I’m not stopping.

On my mind, has been the following quote:

β€œTry not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value.” – Albert Einstein

Become a person of value. Put the best version of yourself out into the world. Give and keeping giving, and give some more.

It’s a law of physics: for every force, there’s an equal and opposite force. Put a different way:

The energy you put into the world comes back.

Give, push, and grind – you will be rewarded.

Being a Servant and a Giver

Every single year, I come up with some stupid saying. I think in 2014, it was something like “Be actionary, not reactionary” (I’ve came a long way in 4 years πŸ˜‰ )

This year, I didn’t come up with a saying.

Now that we are 38 days in to the year, I’m ready to label 2018 the year of giving. I’m going to look to give as much as I can:

  • Give in my relationships with my girlfriend, family, and friends
  • Give in my writing and podcasting
  • Give in my business to create the best products and services possible

I’m finding incredible happiness, energy, and purpose in creating content for this site, building and designing websites and applications, and having coffee and phone calls to provide my perspective on a person’s life, or gain perspective for me to pass on at a future time.

Giving my time and energy has resulted in some amazing opportunities and relationships. Just being open to the possibility of meeting a special someone, getting that next client, making the big sale, or making a new connection can result in wild success.

Open yourself up to the world with an abundance mindset!

Living with an Abundance vs. a Scarcity Mindset

abundance mindsetImagine you and I are walking down the street, side by side.

You breathe in. You breathe out. I breathe in. I breathe out. We both need oxygen to survive. Would it cross your mind that there would not be enough oxygen for both of us? Of course notβ€”air is abundant.

Now, imagine we are scuba diving and my scuba tank starts to malfunction. I signal that I need to share the oxygen in your tank. All of a sudden, the air becomes a precious commodity. Its scarcity makes us worry. What if there isn’t enough for both of us?

Many people live with a scarcity mindset – a mindset which is zero-sum.

You win, I lose.

I win, you lose.

People with this type of mindset have a hard time sharing success with other people and are jealous of others’ success.

Why I’m Choosing to Live with an Abundance Mindset

Instead of a scarcity mindset, I’ve tried to implement an abundance mindset – and view the world as unlimited in it’s potential.

Starting out, it was tough. I definitely struggled with abundance as a kid, always competing with my sister in different ways. It always seemed like, ‘Erik got this, so that’s not fair that I didn’t.”Β  or “What? She got to go do that, why didn’t I?” were common phrases around the house.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized that everyone is unique and there is enough to go around.

Enough? Enough money, enough love, enough time, enough effort, enough praise, and enough success to go around.

If I lose my job, there’s another one for me somewhere. If my relationships don’t pan out like I’d like them to, there’s other people out there who will appreciate me for me. My business fails and I lose $10,000, it’s fine, I’ve learned something along the way and will be better for it the next time around!

For a concrete example, take this blog:

Scarcity Mindset: I’m a math major who isn’t very good at writing. People aren’t going to read my content because there are already 100s of blogs out there. What do I have to say? What can I add? Who’s going to read me? There are so many people with 1000s of followers – how will I get any?

Abundance Mindset: I’m a math major who could work on his writing. People might be interested, and hopefully I can help people with my message and story. I’m unique, just like everyone else! Maybe someday I’ll have 1000s of followers and be successful like those other amazing bloggers.

It’s the same concept of seeing the glass half full or half empty! Which way do you view it?

I’m very glad I started a blog and have been practicing having an abundance mindset. Life is so much better when you realize there is so much potential out in the world and you can unlock it for yourself!

3 Tips to Live with an Abundance Mindset

Here are a few tips for you to live with an abundance mindset:

  • Practice gratitude
    • I’m grateful for being able to spend my time with an amazing girlfriend, have been lucky enough to be born into a fantastic family, and thankful for the managers giving me the opportunity to work at the company I work for.
    • What are you thankful for?
  • Appreciate Others and Congratulate them on Success
    • If one of my friends or family members succeed in something, it’s time to celebrate! Why should I be mad, I’m succeeding too, just in different places and at different things! There’s enough cake (and drinks) to go around for all of us!
  • Give
    • Amazing things happen when you put yourself into the world – be it your time, your effort, your money, your personality, whatever it is! I’m putting myself out there 4 times a week with this blog – and I’m not going to stop! Energy is coming back to me and there’s no stopping me now!


There’s so much potential for wealth, love, support, praise, success, the list goes on.Β  Being open to these areas of life, and taking action will allow you to experience things you have never been able to experience before.

You can win, and I can win. We can win at the same time! Your success is my priority – something I’m going to work towards each and every day on The Mastermind Within.

I’m going to give you my time – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for blog posts, and Tuesday with a unique podcast episode. I’m going to give you my effort – with consistent posting and podcasting. Finally, I’m going to give you my wisdom and tips – I’m going to continue to pour my heart out into every post and podcast.

No fluff – I’m not a good enough writer to write fluff pieces – only the best for you.

I’m excited.

2018 is the year of giving. Let’s go.

Readers: do you live with an abundance or a scarcity mindset? Are you a giver or a taker? What are you calling the year of 2018?




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  1. Good post Erik. And a great mindset, thanks for reminding me. Things go so much better when I stay in abundance thinking. Operating from a giving standpoint works out incredibly well. I too want to be more giving in 2018. Giving works on so many levels. I have been amazed over the years at the things that happen. When I have given away things or money to charity I get back some big surprises. It is even better when I give without any expectation of getting back, but inevitably I get something back (not always physical). I suspect you will be amazed as well at what will begin happening in your life.

    1. Post

      Thank you Suzie for stopping by and your kind words πŸ™‚

      I love what you are saying – when you give, the world gives back. The energy you put out in the world is given back to you – sometimes in unexpected ways!

      Looking forward to seeing how your 2018 goes!!

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  2. Congratulation on an awesome post, Eric. I am feeling great and recharged with a happy feeling after reading this. You said correctly that giving is key for happiness. I was living a meaningless life from few years, you remind me the right approach to adopt. Thank you so much for this, and you have very easy and beautiful style of writing.

    1. Post

      I really appreciate your kind words Ganesh and am very happy you are feeling better.

      All we can ask for is a little improvement each and every day! Have a good one πŸ™‚

    1. Post
  3. Love this outlook, mindset of abundance! I’ve always cheered on other’s accomplishments. Where I struggle is feeling guilty about wanting more progress on my career, personal pursuits etc. Almost like I’ve been lucky and it’s greedy to want more. I’m grateful for what I have though and happy with it.

    The abundance mindset gives me a different perspective with that guilt. Pursuing more goals doesn’t take away from others. There’s enough to go around!

    1. Post

      Thank you for stopping by!

      That’s interesting, why do you feel guilty? Is it because you are bettering yourself and leaving your friends behind? I don’t know

      It’s definitely interesting to think about, and I’m glad you enjoyed the article πŸ™‚

      1. Nope, not leaving friends behind. I’ve surrounded myself with friends that keep up. It’s more about I’ve been lucky (I get it’s not just luck) to get so far already, it feels greedy to ‘want’ more. When others work just as hard and struggle more.

        1. Post

          Thanks for clarifying and coming back to chat, I think I get what you are saying πŸ™‚

          It’s like, I already make $X or have $Y in the bank, or have everything I want, why should I need more? (sort of thing)

          It’s kind of like, well, you find meaning in work and growth – if things are stagnant, then you get bored!

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