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2017 will be a big year for us at The Mastermind Within. In this post, we want to walk through some of our goals for 2017 for the blog, personal goals for Erik, and personal goals for Henry. These goals are specific and mainly longer term.

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First, let’s discuss goals for the blog.

The Mastermind Within Goals for 2017

Blog Goal #1 – Write 250 Posts

Blog Goal #1.5 – Write 100 Book Reviews

At the end of 2016, we have about 30 posts and pages here on the The Mastermind Within. In 2017, our goal is to grow the post portfolio to at least 250 posts. This will be roughly 5 posts per week.  This is an ambitious goal. However, we believe we can achieve it because we have 2 people working on it and we will be contributing in separate topics. Also, see goal #1.5, you will see 100 of these will be book reviews. Both Henry and Erik read about a book a week, so this should be fairly automatic. In addition, there were books from November and December which were finished by the team that can be added to this list.

Blog Goal #2 – Get 15,000 page views in a single month by the end of 2017

Another ambitious goal, but by casting a wide net, and staying persistent, we believe we can accomplish this goal. If we hit goal #1, we should be able to hit goal #2.

Blog Goal #3 – Make 10 appearances on other websites/podcasts/etc.

To increase viewership, reaching out and creating a network is extremely important. Guest posting, making appearances on other websites or podcasts, and doing collaborations will allow us to build our brand and increase exposure in the vast internet space. This will help with goal #2.

Now on to personal goals:

For Erik, 2017 will be an interesting year, as all years are.

Erik’s Personal Goals for 2017

Personal Goal for Erik #1 –  Read 75 books

This goal is certainly ambitious for Erik. As of writing this right now, Erik has 10 books sitting on his desk/bed waiting to be opened up and finished. On Erik’s Amazon Wish List, he has 30 books, spanning from books on investing, personal development, economics, markets, and much more. This is a gaudy goal at the face of it, but again, by staying consistent and putting in the time and effort, this is attainable.

Personal Goal for Erik #2 – Buy another property (either primary residence or investment property)

Going into the new year, Erik will have cash, time and additional income, (due to a raise and qualifying rental income) to increase his real estate holdings and make a splash. Depending on personal circumstances (relationship status, tenant status) and the overall market, this could be a move into a new primary residence, or it could be an investment property to build cash flow. The details and thoughts on this goal are still very young and Erik will be watching the market much more closely in the coming months.

Personal Goal for Erik #3 – Grab the rim in basketball

Erik is 5’8″ and while athletic, can not quite touch the rim consistently. If Erik achieves this goal, this will cover most of his health goals. To grab the rim, Erik will need to focus on staying lean,  getting the appropriate amount of sleep, and building muscle by doing squats, deadlifts, lunges, etc. to encourage higher jumping.

Personal Goal for Erik #4 – Build Cash, 401k and investments by $35k.

This goal will be achievable pending any disasters. Currently, Erik saves about $2300 a month in cash, $250 for 401k, $300 for HSA. The numbers in the last sentence do not include company match, bonus, or projected salary/rent increases. In addition, if the blog is able to start producing cash, this could be hit quicker than expected!

For Henry, goal setting is a key part of his success. Below are his goals for 2017.

Henry’s Personal Goals for 2017

Personal Goal for Henry #1 – Pay off all personal debt ($15,000 for house projects / remodels) and save $20,000 in cash by the end of 2017.

Most adults dread tax season, additional liabilities, paperwork, and the burden of realizing what financial shape you are in.  Personal finance is never taught in school, and thus a reason for undue stress to many families, individuals, and small businesses.  Excited for a tax return, bonus, and increased cash flow to help pay down debt currently held on 0% I.R. credit cards (playing with fire); but to quote GLC from Kendrick Lamar’s “Poe Mans Dreams” Perfect Preparation Prevents Poor Performance!   As an accounting major, who has invested in rental real estate for long term independence, there are so many valuable resources to help people obtain financial freedom! This will be a continued emphasis of The Mastermind Within and something Henry is extremely passionate about.  Want to shout out to Junior Achievement: An organization that has set out to teach our youth financial education and skills essential to daily life (planning and following a budget).

Personal Goal for Henry #2 -Dunk a men’s basketball on a 10 foot rim during a league basketball game before our 16 week season is over. (3 Months left)

Standing 6’1.5″, Henry hasn’t dunked since college.  Playing basketball has been a steadfast in his life, socially engaging, physically demanding, and mentally anguishing (we have lost to the same team Shakopee  Varsity  team the last 3 years in league ball).  Henry will accomplish this goal, by getting in peak physical conditioning following the MAPS training program (blog posts to come) for the next 9 months.  Am already able to grab rim with both hands, and only need a few more inches and technique to throw down.  By performing goal #2, Henry will be constantly improving his overall fitness and health level. Here’s some R. Kelly for inspiration!

What are your goals for 2017?

What are your goals for 2017?

Thanks for stopping by and here’s to all of us having a huge year in 2017!!!

Erik and Henry



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  1. Great goals. I love the 15k PVs in one month. It’s tough to do. At least for me it is :-(. Then again, I’ve had a lifetime goal of touching the basketball rim. At 44, I think I’ll have to give p on this one. Best of luck guys.

    1. Hey Investment Hunting, thanks for stopping by. 15k PVs will be an interesting goal. Luckily for us, we have 12 months to make it happen! Life is a learning process and each day we are just trying our best to improve! 🙂


    1. And I can help with Blog Goal #3. Reach out when the time is right or you have a topic you think would be great for my Take Your Success audience, and let’s do a guest post from one of you guys.

  2. Great idea – I’m the same as you, never intentionally really networking but always finding opportunities through people.

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