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Gold City Ventures Freelance Toolkit Course Review

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Freelancing online is a great way to make additional income and earn more money in the 21st century.

Becoming a freelancer could be your ticket to a bigger bank account, less debt, or having the ability to treat yourself and your family to a vacation.

There are so many small businesses who need help with their products and services, and they are willing to hire freelancers with the necessary skills to get them to the next step in their business.

Make no mistake, jumping into freelancing can be intimidating, and without the right guide, beginning as a freelancer can be a grind.

Are you looking to start freelancing?

Are you looking to help others and provide value with your skills and talent?

Do you want to make some extra money each month?

In this post, I’m going to share with you how you can get started freelancing, talk about the Gold City Ventures Freelance Toolkit course, and give my recommendation for aspiring freelancers.

How to Get Started Freelancing

I’ve done freelance web design over the last few years, and have made a few extra thousand dollars to help me pay down debt and boost my savings account.

However, it wasn’t all dollar signs when I started, and took a long while to get my side hustle going.

When I started freelancing, I wish I had a guide, but instead opted for a DIY approach.

The first few months, I didn’t get any business. I was offering to do different people’s websites, but without a portfolio, I wasn’t having any luck.

It wasn’t until I helped a friend (for free), did I get some work and the ball rolling.

6 months later, I had secured 3 new clients and was on my way to becoming a freelance success.

In a year, I had gone from 0 to freelancer, but certainly could have sped up the process.

Becoming a freelancer involves the following steps:

  • Figuring out what skill, talent, and service you want to sell to others
  • Market yourself to small businesses to get gigs or projects in your area of expertise
  • Deliver A+ work to build a portfolio and referral network

All 3 parts of this equation are tough, and that’s where the right guide can come into the picture.

Enter the Freelance Toolkit Course.

Gold City Ventures Freelance Toolkit Course Review

My friend, Julie, contacted me with an offer to beta test her new course. Julie, and another friend of mine, Cody, have created a course all about freelancing: the Gold City Ventures Freelance Toolkit.

I’ve went through their course, and definitely wished I had taken a course like it when I started my freelance journey.

The Freelance Toolkit course is all about taking you from 0 to your first freelance client.

This course has 8 information packed modules, expert interviews, access to a VIP Facebook group, and in-depth tutorials for multiple skills.

For a beginner freelancer, it’s just what you need to get started and on the path to making money. This course has a ton of great content.

After reviewing, talking to the course creators, and interacting in the VIP Facebook group, I can say Julie and Cody have done a fantastic job, and they really care about the people who take the course.

I’ve met Julie and Cody numerous times throughout the past few years at different conferences and meet-ups, and let me tell you, they know their stuff.

In 2019, Cody earned enough, through freelancing, to walk away from his desk job forever, and Julie made $40,000 on the side of her full time job last year!

These two are crushing it and now are sharing their secrets with you to help you earn more money and build a freelance side hustle.

Now, let’s get into what content is in the Freelance Toolkit.

freelance toolkit course

What’s in the Gold City Ventures Freelance Toolkit Course?

In the Freelance Toolkit, Julie and Cody have put together a comprehensive set of modules for beginner and intermediate freelancers.

There are four key features to the Freelance Toolkit:

Let’s go over each of these features in more depth below.

In-Depth Tutorials in Graphic Design, Writing and Audio Editing

In the Freelance Toolkit, there are 3 in-depth tutorials in graphic design, writing and audio editing.

audio editing freelancer

Each of these different skills are in demand by small business owners today, and each of these skills can be learned.

One of the most common comments I hear from people who are afraid to start freelancing is they don’t have any skills.

This is totally okay, as you have a powerful brain and can learn anything you want to learn.

For example, audio editing might seem intimidating, but with the free software Audacity, you could potentially make $40 for 30 minutes of work!

Likewise, there are people who are writing articles for blogs and businesses for $100+ an article.

While these rates aren’t what you might charge right away, over time, you can start making good money with the skills you learn and develop.

In the Freelance Toolkit, Cody goes through each different skill and tells you exactly what you need to know to get a gig or project.

These lessons are extremely valuable and beneficial if you are just starting out.

Overview of the Different Freelance Marketplaces

Learning skills is very important for freelance success, but the most important piece to being a successful freelancer is sales and marketing.

Luckily, there are some amazing freelance marketplaces out there where small businesses are already hiring freelancers.

In the Freelance Toolkit, Cody and Julie provide you with detailed instructions for how you can set up freelancer accounts on Fiverr and Upwork, and discuss some best practices for standing out on these platforms.

One tip for new freelancers on Fiverr and Upwork is to focus on getting 5 Star reviews and testimonials. Over time, this will be very beneficial for getting new work.

Freelancing Expert Interviews

The best part of this course is the expert interviews.

fiverr freelance expert interview

In each of the modules, Cody and Julie have included interviews with different freelancing experts. These experts provide detailed stories, advice and information in their area of expertise, and give recommendations to you to help you become a better freelancer.

My favorite was the interview with Alex Fasulo, a Fiverr expert and freelance writer who made over $300,000 last year freelancing!

Her expert interview was both incredibly informative and inspiring.

In her interview, she talks about how she started off making only a little bit of money. Now, over time, she has increased her rates and quality of work to now be able to make over 6 figures a year.

Also included are interviews with experts talking about their experience with audio editing, freelance writing, and freelancing in general.

Access the VIP Facebook Group

The last feature of the Freelance Toolkit is the VIP Facebook Group.

While some courses just leave you high and dry after you finish the content, Julie and Cody decided it would be more beneficial to build a lasting connection and relationship with their students.

With purchase of the Freelance Toolkit, you will gain access to a VIP Facebook Group which is ran by Julie and Cody.

Inside of the group, you will be able to interact with other course takers, as well as experts from the course!

With this Facebook group, you will never be alone on your freelance journey, and will be able to lean on others for help if necessary.

Now that we have gone over the main features of the Freelance Toolkit, I want to go back to the discussion of the DIY and course approaches to freelancing.

Should I Take the DIY or Course Approach to Freelancing?

As I discussed briefly above, when I shared my freelancing story, I took a DIY approach to freelancing and didn’t see much progress for a number of months.

I wish there had been a resource out there like the Freelance Toolkit course, but unfortunately, I struggled through the first few months.

As much as we love to hear about the self-made businessperson, there is nothing wrong with going to the experts directly and learning from them.

For you, consider the following questions:

  • Do you want to start making money on the side of your day job in the next few weeks?
  • Are you looking for more flexibility in your work schedule?
  • Do you want to have your own business?
  • What are you passionate about and how could freelancing help you spend more time with these passions?

You are the owner and creator of your life, and with the right actions and steps, you can create whatever you put your mind to!

Get the Gold City Ventures Freelance Toolkit Course!

Freelancing can be a great way to make extra money on the side of your day job.

Maybe you’ll even become a full-time freelancer!

Ideas are worthless without action. Whatever your freelancing goal, it requires action and doing to get to the life you want.

You do have talent, you do have skills. With a little bit of direction and action, you can make more money and start your own freelancing side hustle.

Taking the DIY approach could be fruitful for you. However, I recommend signing up for the Gold City Ventures Freelance Toolkit course.

While I believe the Gold City Ventures Freelance Toolkit is best suited for you if you are just starting off as a freelancer, there are a lot of different tips and tricks for experienced freelancers as well.

With 8 information packed modules, expert interviews, access to a VIP Facebook group, and in-depth tutorials for multiple skills, you’ll be on your way to success as a freelancer.

The Gold City Ventures Freelance Toolkit is the place to start learning about how to start freelancing.

Click here to learn more about the course.

Best of luck on your freelance journey!

Readers: are you interested in freelancing? What is holding you back from getting your first client? Are you going to become a freelance superstar with the Gold City Ventures Freelance Toolkit course?


P.S. The Gold City Ventures duo also offers courses in blogging for profit and Etsy printables. You can see all of these courses here: Gold City Ventures Courses

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