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How I Met My Girlfriend Blogging featuring Fiery Millennials – Episode 7

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I met my girlfriend through this blog.

There I said it.

I wrote an incredibly silly blog post about wanting a wife to reduce taxes, and she commented on it:

Creativity is a funny thing.

I spent less than an hour writing that post, and yet it is my most viewed post with over 60 comments and thousands of page views.

Living with an abundance mindset and being open to new opportunities and possibilities lead me to blogging. After I started blogging, putting myself out there and taking risks lead me to meeting some fantastic people. In particular, now I can say and share with you that I met my girlfriend blogging.

How I Met My Girlfriend Blogging featuring Fiery Millennials – Episode 7

My guest today is someone who is very special to me, my girlfriend Gwen. She has a blog called Fiery Millennials, has been featured on MarketWatch and US News, owns a rental property, and also has an amazing podcast called The Fire Drill Podcast.

I’m excited to talk to her and share with you how we met, why it’s so important to being open to finding someone who aligns with your goals, purpose, and dreams, and what tips and strategies you can apply in your life for success in your relationships.

Check out Gwen at Fiery Millennials and her podcast at FIRE Drill Podcast.

With all episodes, I want to leave you with some takeaways for you to improve your life. For this episode, I have a few takeaways:

  • Be open to new possibilities and opportunities
    • Unless you put yourself out there into the world, you will never know what will come back to you! 😉
  • Start early and be consistent
    • Gwen is 27 with over $125,000 in her 401(k) and is now in a spot to leave her job.
  • If you are single, don’t give up
    • There are so many amazing people in the world – just start meeting people, you never know the result if you don’t try!

If you are an iTunes or Stitcher person, The Mastermind Within Podcast is on those channels as well!

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