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How to Create Profitable Webinars for Your Business

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secret to creating webinars
Influencer Neil Patel is co-founder of Crazy EggHello Bar and KISSmetrics. He helps companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP and Viacom grow their revenue. He’s a major player in the marketing community and has helped a lot of us through his excellent webinars. I’ve even got a chance to bend his ear for a few minutes about automation in one of them! Very excellent individual.What I will share with you today are Neil Patel’s Secret to Creating Webinars through analyzing his webinars. Turns out, he found a formula for creating webinars and now I can see how he’s able to get the same level of success with every single piece of content he puts out.

Neil Patel’s Secret to Creating Webinars

People that say NO are people who have the money to pay for your product or service. Delivering and influencing people via webinars is his go to strategy for converting on his services. Normally, his secret to creating webinars brings in 3.6 sales per 100 people. This means if he markets a $1000 product via webinar to 100 people, he will make $3,600 – not too shabby. He uses Webinar Jam (a Powerpoint Presentation that covers 1.5 hours of time), and a drip campaign auto sequencer to inform people of the webinar before and after the webinar.

Creating Converting Webinars For Free

If you’ve ever looked into webinar software, it’s blowing up. Why? Its lucrative. About 10% of traffic convert on a free webinar. This means promoting your webinar to 1000 people via impression based paid marketing will bring in 100 people. If those 100 people show up, 3.6 people will convert on a $999 product.
This being said, starting off and justifying a $99 per month subscription for webinar software sucks. I recommend using Open Broadcast Software or OBS. OBS is what video streamers use to broadcast to Twitch, Facebook, and Youtube for free. It’s open source and includes a recording while you broadcast – after you finish, you can upload your finished webinar to continue to get new traffic.

Neil Patel’s Secret Sauce for Highly Converting Webinars

Neil Patel breaks down his 60 minute  webinars into two sections: 40 minutes of pure high value education, and 20 minutes of selling his product. At the end, he finishes with a question and answer session. This last section is important as he nurtures his very hot prospects by defeating objections to why they should buy. I recommended in an earlier post about how you can use this book to close sales, but if your webinar is high value then you should be A1 regardless.
The following bits are almost on every single webinar he has. When making a webinar, say these exact lines in the webinar while filling out a few minutes on each section.
  • Education Section (40 minutes)
    • “Stay til the end for bonus content”
    • “Who I am”
    • “Case Studies”
    • “Before I show you these techniques, I wanna let you know a secret…”
    • “I made a lot of mistakes…”
    • “No need to make the same mistakes I did”
    • “Get it the easy way in this webinar”
      • “3 Main Secrets” (Bulk of the 40 minutes)
        • “When you implement these, you will see results”
        • “Say yes if this webinar was valuable”
  • Sales Section (20 minutes)
    • “Now, let me introduce ‘Product Name’.”
    • “What’s inside is (estimated retail value $10k) value”
    • “Here’s a few bonuses that I said you’d be getting which includes (bonus 1, 2, 3, etc. – like access to an exclusive Facebook group)
    • “Here’s what you’re getting”
    • “I won’t charge you 5k or even 3k. Only $997”
    • “If you send me your information and you are not a good fit, I will not sell you this product.”
To finish it off, you’ll be doing a Q and A session. This part is vital. Also, post a link to opt in to the slides for this webinar so people can share the high value of your webinar.
  • “Now I got to ask for a favor… if you found this webinar high value please share this with your blog, mailing list, and friends.”
Now, you should have a drip campaign that’s nurturing your list. In the last two days of the sequence, let them know that the product offer is expiring and that they will not be able to buy it at that price after that.

Neil Patel’s Extra Secret Sauce to get them to BUY

Some extra freebies I also discovered is Neil’s ability to make the checkout super easy for his customers. Using Gumroad on a 2 step page is incredibly easy. What I mean by two step is there is a landing page and a checkout that pops up. Some argue it’s even a 1.5 step page as it’s that fast.
On the webinar they should BUY underneath the webinar. If you are tech savvy, host a LIVE Youtube channel on your website and customize the page so there is a little bit of sales copy that actively asks them to qualify themselves. You must say “if you send me your information and you are not a good fit, I will not sell you this product.” That way, he only spends time with people who are genuinely interested and have the capability to do this.
It also removes road blocks if people think it’s live. People will slow down and think more seriously about this as the webinar will be active in their minds as they fill out a form. That form can be a basic Typeform as well.
One additional tip is during the webinar, you could also “ask for a favor” to share and spread this on social media. This engages in the Ben Franklin Effect so people will spread your content. You can also ask them to write a blog post for you in exchange for ‘X’ (20% off the product.

Secrets to Marketing the Webinar

From this list, the last sequence should point to a landing page that shows everything above that makes it easy to purchase.  Having a countdown timer for the end of the offer is key as it creates urgency. The PLUS THIS plugin is a stupidly easy and high converting tool he uses. Using this with InfustionSoft is a game changer.
The best time to market a webinar is 9 to 11 PM on Facebook. Use a 50 character description for your post. Facebook is better than Youtube for videomaking even though there are no hashtags. Facebook videos get shared a helluva lot more than Youtube and OBS Cover both Youtube and Facebook.

Good Luck in your Webinar Endeavors!

After reading this post, you are on your way to producing your first profitable webinar using Neil Patel’s secret to creating webinars.

If you want 1 on 1 coaching, script writing, sales funnel development, and directly benefiting off high value content feel free to hire the author of this post.

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  1. This is super interesting. I would love to create a webinar as I have a couple of ideas floating around but haven’t executed on them yet. Definitely a nice template for building a nice webinar out. Thanks for sharing!!!

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