how to design an amazing product

How to Design an Amazing Product or Service

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You had an idea, you took action, you’ve taken the appropriate steps to create your business, and now you are ready to create your product.

How do you design a great product which solves your customer’s problem and makes them happy? What are the steps to creating a service your client will love and will want to keep coming back to? Why is it important to design an amazing product or service?

In this post, I will be sharing with you some tips on how to design an amazing product or service for your business.

How to Design an Amazing Product or Service

how to design an amazing productBefore we start, I need to make a point that we need to keep in mind this entire post (and Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur series): THE CUSTOMER IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN THIS RELATIONSHIP. 

We need to put our egos aside – it’s our fault if the product isn’t what the customer wants and needs. If there’s negative feedback, it can be changed to positive feedback with some tweaks and improvements. Don’t take it personally, no one is perfect.

With that being said, some of the first questions we need to ask ourselves is the following: if I were a customer or client, and I were to buy this product or service, what exactly would I want? What would bring me the most happiness for the money I giving you?

What Exactly Will Your Customer Want?

Starting out, it’s going to be tough. When trying to come up with something unique, it’s a risk and it’s nerve-wracking. If there isn’t a similar product or service on the market, what will people think? Will they want and need it? What will be their reaction?

This anxiety can be resolved by taking a chance and putting something we think is the best for our customers out into the market. Experimenting is the only way to go in entrepreneurship (it goes back to our mindset of taking action: ideas are worthless)

After putting your product out into the world, it’s time to re-assess. At the end of the day, it’s your job to listen to the customers and clients. But, you have to keep in mind, there’s a reason why you’re the entrepreneur and not the consumer – some feedback from the customer will be valuable and other feedback might not tie into the greater vision and values of your company.

Get Feedback, Re-assess, Make it Better

Always strive to become better.

Even billion dollar companies (ahem, Amazon), are constantly working to become just a little bit better than the day before.

Your product and service should be constantly evolving. What are the customers saying? What do they love? Are their things do they hate?

Take this feedback and try to figure out why they are saying these things.

Are the directions for your product confusing? Is there something in your service that leaves your client frustrated? Are there hiccups in the delivery and your customers wish it could arrive faster? What could you eliminate or double down on to make them happier?

All of these questions are things to consider when looking at how to design an amazing product or service.

Find a Mentor

Another great way to create something amazing is to have a trusted partner and mentor on your side to bounce ideas off of.

There may be a feature or task you think would be incredibly valuable for your client or customer, but this feature was popular 15 years ago, and now no one does it because it’s a waste of money.

Without this insight, you could have went and spent thousands of dollars and not gotten any return. Instead, since you were able to leverage the experience of your mentor, now, you can re-focus and look to see what will bring in more profit and happiness for the same effort.

The Headaches of a Sub-par Product

product researchOver the holiday season, my business got put to the test. This was the first time that I actually had some volume (30 DIY kombucha kits) and after delivering, there were a number of questions and comments that came back to me both in email and in subscription cancellations.

“I was expecting more.” “Why did I get this and not that?” “It’s a little bland and the flavors could be better.”

There was a lot to think about, and as a result, I’ve spent the last 2 months now doing a complete reassessment of the product. I want to produce something that is exactly what a kombucha homebrewer would expect – and deliver it at a price and at a quantity which makes my customer happy.

It’s a work in progress, and every day, I’m looking to get a little bit better!

Your Task

With every post in this Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur series, I will be providing you with a task for you to think about after finishing this post up.

For your business idea, product idea, or service idea, sit down and brainstorm exactly what you believe would be a great offer for your customer or client.

Look to answer the question from the customer or client’s point of view: “If I were the customer and I received this package in the mail, how would I feel from emotionally? Happy? Disappointed?

You are in the business of delighting your customer and client.

If I were the customer and I received this package in the mail, what would I feel? Happiness? Disappointment? You are in the business of delighting your customer and client. Work to gain their trust and build a relationship with your customer by putting your best foot forward each and every day.


At the end of the day, when a customer or client buys from you, they are going to want something amazing, unique, and special. It doesn’t matter how great your sales and marketing is if the product leaves something to be desired.

Take it from me – if the product isn’t the best, you’ll have a headache on your hands; customers looking to return their purchase, dissatisfaction, and a product purchased once and never again.

To be successful in business, it’s important to get a product which will solve a customer’s need, and a product or service where a relationship can be formed for future purchases.

Readers: what do you look to do when designing a new product? What steps do you take when brainstorming your service or product? Am I missing any key points in the product design process?




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