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How to Succeed in Your Career and Business in Your 20s with Tori Dunlap – Episode 32

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When I started side hustling, I was in a job I wasn’t too thrilled about.

Maybe it was a little bit of my millennial entitlement coming out… but I was frustrated by having to do the grunt work instead being able to help with grand plans for the team and department.

My thought was, if being a manager at a corporation involves making tough decisions and managing 6 and 7 figure budgets, then what better way to get experience doing that than doing it for my personal life and personal business endeavors.

How was I going to do this? My side hustles.

In my early 20s, I started hustling and wanted to succeed in my career and business. How would I do this? It was tough, but with a combination of focus and consistency, I got there. Now, I’m looking to give back and help others get there with this podcast.

How to Succeed in Your Career and Business in Your 20s with Tori Dunlap – Episode 32

Tori Dunlap is a marketer, blogger, speaker, and coach. As a professional digital marketer, Tori leads, develops, and executes social media and communication strategy for global brands. Her career started with landing a digital marketing contract worth tens of thousands, and a full-time position as the head of marketing and communications for a global security company — all before she turned 22.

As the founder of Victori Media, she helps millennial women manage their money and level up their careers. She’s obsessed with finding cheap flights and reading good books in the bathtub. I was excited to talk with her about career and business in a person’s 20s for this episode.

You can check out her site here: Victori Media.

With all episodes, I want to have a few takeaways:

  • Taking action is so critical
    • Ideas are worthless without action!
  • Be authentic on social media
    • Be human! 🙂
  • Consider short term and long term goals when starting a business or getting into a career
    • How are your decisions going to impact your long term happiness?
  • Networking is key
    • It’s not what you know but who you know!

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Through setting goals, critical thinking and intentional living and action, I believe you can master your life, win with money, and get on the path to freedom.

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