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Keeping Balance in this Wild World

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On the pursuit of happiness and stress-free living, routine, actions, and balance are things I’ve been thinking about a lot.

What are the actions which will lead to me being in a state of happiness rather than a state of sadness?

Is a routine necessary for me, or is it okay to be all over the board with my days and weeks?

Am I in balance or do I need to reassess where I’m at in my life?

In this post, I want to talk about why balance is important in life and how you can become more balanced.

Why Balance is Important in Life

Too much work will result in burn-out.

Too much play will result in nothing getting done.

Spending too much time with friends will lead to a lack of identity.

Spending too much time alone can lead to loneliness and one way of thought.

Too much sleep can lead to a number of health issues.

Too little sleep and your energy and work will suffer from lack of clarity and focus.

Doing too much exercise will lead to overuse injuries, and sitting on the couch all day will lead to small muscles and droopy skin.

You probably know the saying, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing? Well that’s what we are talking about here πŸ™‚

Balance is key and important in life because with many things, being extreme is typically a detriment to living our lives the right way.

Many of these things we know, but don’t take action to find the right balance.

The Many Areas Where Balance Can Be Ruined

While it might be impossible to be completely balanced in life, there are many areas, some of which we’ve touched on earlier, where balance could be ruined.

Let’s touch on a few:

  • Work
    • Getting yelled at by your boss, working 80 hour weeks, or not having work at all might not be the best for your long term well being. Balance at work is having time for development, some busy times, some fun times, and opportunities to do what you want with your time (as ultimately, you spend more hours at your job than you probably do anything else other than sleep!)
  • Sleep
    • Always being tired, because you go to bed too late, or sleeping in every day might not be optimal. Over time, over and under sleeping can take a toll on your body and mind. While on the weekends, it is nice to sleep in once and a while, doing so every day can affect your focus and productivity. Likewise, too little sleep, and you really will be dragging!
  • Exercise
    • This might be an obvious one: sit on the couch all day, and you’ll quickly find yourself out of shape. Work out all day, and you may get injured from overuse.
  • Eating Habits
    • Another seemingly obvious one: eat only junk food, and you’ll get a stomach ache. Eat too much, and you’ll start to put on pounds. Eat too little, and you’ll lose muscle. What about too healthy? Eating too healthy… well, some things can be good in moderation!
  • Relationships
    • Sometimes it’s great to see your friends, and sometimes to great to be alone. If you are with your friends all the time, work and responsibility will be put aside. If you spend a lot of time alone, sometimes that will keep you narrow mindedfinding balance and not in touch with reality. There’s a lot of world to see out there people!

Like I said above, there are many things in life we need to balance, and this is just the start.

Finding Balance in My Life

Over the past few years, I’ve been trying to find balance in my life in my work, my play, my exercise, my diet, my sleep, and my hustles.

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about balance in my work and play, and also in my sleep.

I’m pretty busy, with a few side hustles, and a day job.

During this past winter, I got into a habit of going to bed between 11:30 and 1, and getting up at 8 am, right before scrambling off to work. With the usual winter morning darkness, I struggled to wake up at any time earlier than 7 (even if I went to bed early), and decided that it would be better for me to stay up later and sleep in.

Now, I’m finding that with the sun coming in at 5 am, I’m able to wake up if I need to, and also sleep in if I please.

Some days, if I’m really busy, I’ll get up at 5 am. Other days, if I’m tired, I’ll sleep in and get up around 7:30 or 8. I’ve found a balance between more sleep and less sleep.

Similarly, I’ve found a balance in my diet and exercise, where I eat well most of the time, and exercise a few times a week. With this, I’ve stayed relatively in shape, and am still able to play pick-up sports and not be too tired.

I’m sure you have some of the same thoughts about activities in your life.

How You Can Stay Balanced in your Work and Leisure

Are you looking for more balance in your life? Below are 5 steps to take for how you can become and stay balanced in your life.

Take a deep breath

First, take a deep breath and collect yourself. Everyone gets stressed out from time to time, and that’s okay.

Figure out what’s important to you

What’s causing the imbalance in your life right now? What would your life look like if you were in balance? How would you feel?

Figuring out what is important to you and aligning your actions with your goals and wants is something I think is a necessary ingredient to happiness and fulfillment.

Take actions to reduce noise in your life

Many times when we get out of balance, it’s because we have taken on too many things with work, at home, or with friends.

Reducing noise can help you focusΒ and allow you to not be distracted or overwhelmed with negativity and stress.

Focus on what will make you happiest

After reducing the noise in your life, think back to what what’s most important to you and your life. Focus in on what makes you happiest, and you’ll start getting back into balance.

Understand it will take time

Nobody is an overnight success.

Things take time to develop and take shape.

Working through the struggle and working towards balance will take time, but it definitely will be worth it πŸ™‚

Concluding Thoughts on Keeping Balance in Life

While you can be successful without balance, it will be very tough to sustain that success as a large wind can blow you off the balance beam at any time.

Figure out what’s important to you and look to find balance between work and play, friends and alone time, creation and consumption, healthy food, exercise, and junk food.

Readers: how do you keep balance in your life? How do you decompress? Do you find there needs to be a balance between work and play, friends time and alone time, and creation vs. consumption?


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  1. Finding the balance in your life is definitely a challenge at each stage of your life. Having two kids, i am spending a lot of my time trying to get them ready for school, meals, trips and all the mundane stuff. Sometimes, my balance is just trying to find some time for myself.

    1. Post
  2. This is one of the biggest things i struggle with in life… balance! I am always trying to do more, challenge myself, accomplish more, whether that’s at work, at the gym, in my financial life or my personal life, and now… with my blog.

    Figuring out what is TRULY important is absolutely crucial. If you don’t know how you are, and what you truly want out of life… you waste a lot of time chasing your tail, and ultimately going nowhere.

    Many times, we pride ourselves on being busy, and doing many things, but if your goal is to be an Olympic swimmer, and you spend hours a day throwing a football. Are you really making any progress in life?

    Great post Erik!

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