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My Short Term Plan for Constructing My Dream Life

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Earlier this month, I wrote a post called “Create Your Dream Life, One Day at a Time“.

For me personally, I’ve been struggling with the question of what I want my dream life to be for quite some time.

It’s a tough question just thinking about it on the surface, but when digging a little bit deeper, it hits on a more personal level.

What I want my dream life to look like turns into who do I want to be? What do I want to do? Where am I going to be? How can I get there?

I’ve been thinking about this question for a while and finally think I have an outline of what I want in the short term.

In this post, I’m going to share with you my thoughts for the short term and discuss a preliminary plan around these thoughts.

Of course, with all planning though, there will certainly be thresholds and road blocks, but with goals in mind, my powerful brain (a powerful brain which is not unique to just myself, but you) can get to work.

My Dream Life in the Short Term, Described For You

As a writer on this blog, I’ve been struggling to balance providing solid information and knowledge, sharing my story and thoughts, and inspiring you to become better.

This post will hopefully inspire you to pursue your dream life and inspire you.

What does my dream life look like?

Recently, I’ve had an extreme itch to get out into nature. Working downtown and living in a very urban area, I walk down the street and cars fill both sides of the road. Concrete is everywhere, and while Minneapolis is a very green city (lots of parks and trees), it’s still not quite the quiet oasis I could get out of the city.

After work, most days, I’ve been walking just over a mile home and loving it. Each time I get on the main road though, I’m disgusted. The traffic is horrible and not sustainable in the long term for our city (but also the world).

Also, on my mind lately has been a need for sustainability and gaining real skills (farming, cooking, woodworking, homesteading, etc.).

Another factor playing into my thoughts lately has been my day job and hustles. With the thought on sustainability and gaining real skills, sitting in front of a computer screen is not natural nor beneficial in the long run. Even with a high income, if I’m going to become a corporate zombie from blue screens, then I’m just wasting away my life. (ironically though, I’m typing this on a computer 🙂 )

At the end of the day though, I’m happiest in life when I’m helping others and building things. These are two things which I will always consider in any plan or want in my life. (it took a while to find these passions but they are definitely two driving forces in my life).

What does my dream life look like?

Let’s look to answer this question directly.

In my dream life scenario, I want to be able to wake up to work I want to do. I don’t have a problem working, and actually get a lot of enjoyment from feeling productive and useful.

Let’s answer the what, who, and where here, and then we will get to the short term plan.

What do I want to be doing in my dream life?

I’d love to be in nature. I don’t want to be behind a computer screen for the majority of the time during my day and week. There can definitely be time reserved for that, and I definitely will keep blogging and podcasting.

Working on my skills and dropping my expenses would be an amazing challenge and probably a lot of fun. I don’t know if I would buy raw land and build, buy an existing house on some land, or stick to a more traditional living arrangement in a house in the city or apartment. I don’t think I want to live in an apartment though.

For work, I’d love to get dirty. This last weekend, I planted some plants in my front yard and loved getting to use my hands and strength to get after it. Also, I’m now doing some woodworking and loving that as well.

Maybe I could become a carpenter? That’s a thought in my dream life.

Who is involved in my dream life?

Community is amazing, and this dream life cannot be a lonely one. I want to have people who are special to me around me. I’m not sure exactly who these people are as of today, but this would certainly involve a spouse and kids, and other close friends.

Finally, where would this take place?

I love Minnesota and there are many amazing options for living in the state. Wisconsin would work as well, though with family in Minnesota and a strong economy in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area, staying close makes sense.

Concluding on these thoughts, essentially, I want to get away from a desk job and get out into the world. I want to live a simpler life and have more time for myself. Having lots of money doesn’t really matter to me, as I’m learning more and more, and constructing a life where money isn’t as important would be fantastic.

A Preliminary Short Term Plan to Get to My Dream Life

Now that I’ve shared my thoughts with you, what’s the plan?

It’s nearly November and there’s a lot of things which need to take place to get to my dream life.

While money doesn’t matter to me, to transition into something like I described above will certainly take money to accomplish. In my bank account now, I’m just over $7,000, which isn’t enough to comfortably pack up and leave my job at this point (maybe this would be comfortable for you, but not me yet).

Also, I do have obligations and responsibilities I need to take care of in the short term, namely, my work, my house and my subscription box service.

Let’s start with the subscription box service.

We are approaching the holiday season and I’ve been working diligently on getting the marketing in place to crush this holiday season. Last year, with bad marketing, I received 30 orders for my kombucha subscription kit. Over the last 10 months, I’ve been making the website better, running Facebook ads, growing our email list, and working on creating a great product.

I’m hopeful that this holiday season, our company can get 100 orders and further validate my work.

Right now though, I’m fulfilling these kits out of my house and need space to do so. With a relatively larger house (1920 sq ft), this is possible, but over time, I should look to outsource this if I want to have a flexible living arrangement. The goal here is to crush the holiday season and reassess come January what the next steps are.

Speaking about my house, while there has been a little weakness in the housing market lately, the Minneapolis market around my area still has little supply and with some of the improvements I’ve made, I’m in a decent spot to get some money out upon sale.

2 weekends ago, I had a RedFin agent come over and we are planning on listing in the beginning of February. In the mean time, I’m going to get to work in the mean time painting, cleaning and fixing up anything required to make this go smoothly.

Finally, a huge variable in here is my day job.

At the end of February, at our company, we get a bonus and this year, I’m looking at a bonus of nearly $10,000. In addition to this bonus, over the next 4 months, I’ll be collecting paychecks and continuing to save and grow my bank account. I need to focus in on performing great work and making this bonus happen. 

By the end of March, I should be able to get to $15,000+ in cash savings. With this in mind, I will be in a much better spot to consider leaving, and with a sale of the house, I’ll be in an even better cash position to make a change.

Could April 1st be a day of big change? We will see! If things don’t work out, I will be able to adjust and adapt.

Concluding Thoughts on Getting to My Dream Life

What was interesting about this exercise is the uncertainty around a lot of what I described above. The world is ever changing as much as humans don’t like change.

Maybe my work situation will get better. Maybe I won’t be able to sell my house. There’s a chance I need to stick around Minneapolis for my subscription kit service. Maybe I won’t want any of this in a few months and will have moved onto other focuses. I don’t know!

Life is dynamic and having this view gives me solace.

I don’t have all the answers but will take a step each day to get a little bit closer to this dream life.

Honestly? I’m wrong more than I’m right. But because I’m constantly exploring the world, I’m right a lot.

Maybe this won’t be what I want, but I have to explore it and see if it’s good or not.

I’m excited to see and will certainly be bringing you along for the ride 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Readers: what does your dream life look like? What’s your short term plan to get started on the journey?


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  1. Good luck on all the big moves this fall/winter/and spring. I totally get your desire to get out of the inner city. Before we bought our home in the suburbs, we spent a day walking around downtown pondering renting a city apartment for a year. But after that day, we’re like nope, we like the suburbs where it’s quiet, and woods and trails are everywhere. We selfishly hope you can find something up here somewhere, and would love to help you move when you’re ready. I wish it wasn’t almost winter or I’d try to get you to go for a walk up here some evening as it’s one of my favorite things to do in the suburbs after work.

    My dream life is similar to yours but without the wood working. (I don’t have the patience for all the exerciser cuts.) But I like the simple life where I can ponder ideas freely, and create art from those ideas in the form of blog posts, etc. I do like to tinker with real estate, so I’ll probably have a couple of rentals (Maybe 1 for each day of the week is my longer-term goal right now) that allow me an escape from all the mental work of writing to do some “physical work” with my hands. Other than that, I like to stay active with mountain biking, golfing, skiing, fishing, and those type of outdoor activities.

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