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Networking, Hedge Fund Life, and Blogging with Chelsea from Mama Fish Saves – Episode 23

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Get an amazing job, save a bunch of money at an early age, and then pivot in your career and spend more time with your family and working on things you want.

Sounds like a pretty awesome life, right?

Financial freedom at a relatively young age is a goal of mine, and there are many people out there who are striving for the same goal.

What if you could make $$$ and speed up the process? Would that interest you?

Networking, Hedge Fund Life, and Blogging with Chelsea from Mama Fish Saves – Episode 23

My guest today is Chelsea, a former portfolio manager at a major hedge fund turned personal finance blogger, who now works with families and mothers to better their financial situation. Early in her life, she focused on building wealth and secured a lucrative role on Wall Street.

After building up sizable nest egg and having her son, she realized the wall street lifestyle was not her true calling and made a change. I’m excited to chat with her about her experience on Wall Street, what financial tips and tricks she has for super high income individuals, what parallels blogging and hedge funds have in common, and much more! Welcome Chelsea!

You can check out Chelsea’s website here: Mama Fish Saves

With all episodes, I want to have a few takeaways for you to apply in your life. Here are three from this episode:

  • Networking is so critical in getting your dream job
    • Knowing the right people, talking and figuring out what you love, and learning how to speak about your interests will improve your chance of getting the job you want.
  • Save early and often!
    • Chelsea worked for a few years at a high paying job and because she saved a ton of her income, she was able to pivot to spend more time with her family and do something completely different in her work!
  • Consistent efforts will lead to success over time
    • Going from 0 to 100 will not happen in 1 day. It probably won’t happen in a week either. But, by taking a step each and every day, you will get to where you want to go.

If you are an iTunes or Stitcher person, The Mastermind Within Podcast is on those channels as well!

Hope you love this episode!!!

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