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Overcoming Financial Troubles and Becoming Financially Woke with Peerless Money Mentor – Episode 26

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Unfortunately, not everyone is a financial superstar when they enter the real world.

Personally, I’ve made a number of mistakes, but now, I’ve overcome these problems and am building wealth for the future.

It’s been a tough path, and even though now I don’t have a student loan, or an auto loan anymore, and am saving money each and every month, there’s still more to do and another thing to learn to continue to optimize your financial situation.

Overcoming Financial Troubles and Becoming Financially Woke with Peerless Money Mentor – Episode 26

My guest today is Jerry. Jerry is a blogger, government employee and Uber driver who is on his way to financial freedom. Self described as a member of Broke Phi Broke, he is now financially woke and building wealth for the future.

I’m excited to chat with him about his personal finance mistakes and struggles, how he has changed his mindset and tactics to improve his financial situation, and what tips and tricks he has for you in your financial life.

You can check out his website here: Peerless Money Mentor

With all episodes, I look to have a few takeaways for your to apply in your life:

  • Stay positive on your way to financial success
    • Things don’t happen overnight, and don’t kick yourself either. Mistakes happen.
  • Figure out where you are financially
    • What gets measured, gets managed
  • Understand your talents and look to monetize your talents!
    • Jerry talked about a friend who scored a 5 figure contract after focusing on what she did best!

If you are an iTunes or Stitcher person, The Mastermind Within Podcast is on those channels as well!

Hope you love this episode!!

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