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The Mastermind Within Mission Statement:

The Mastermind Within hopes to build a collaborative community where ideas can flow openly, and readers can build knowledge and experience amazing personal growth.

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Latest Posts

Windfall experiment what would you do with $5,000,000
The Windfall Experiment: What Would You Do With $5,000,000?
Ahh, to win the lottery – what an experience that must be. Not everyone is able to win the lottery, but at some point in our life, we will probably come into a large sum of money: a stock you
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2017 goals
The Mastermind Within Goals Check-in – August 2017
At the start of the New Year, I outlined goals I wanted to pursue in 2017. 2017 has started off great and will continue to be fantastic. This post is the August goals check-in. “To have more, you simply have
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reading goal
My Goal to Read 75 Books – August 2017 Check-in
Sitting in my bedroom on December 30th, 2016, I pondered what goals I should make for 2017 which would help me become the person I want to be in the future. I love reading books, so naturally, a goal to
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personal finance blog traffic report
Blog Traffic and Income Report – August 2017
Welcome to the eighth monthly Blog Traffic and Income Report for The Mastermind Within! For new readers, each month, I post the traffic statistics and income The Mastermind Within blog has earned and comment on any changes, improvements, and disappointments.
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tips to maintain a work-life balance
5 Tips to Maintain a Work-Life Balance for Busy, Busy People
Hey readers. Today, I’m excited to welcome Patty Moore, a Blogger at Patty mostly writes about her experience as a nurse and life as a single parent. Today, she shares with us 5 tips to maintain a work-life balance
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does money really matter
Does Money Really Matter?
I’ve been tossing around a lot of thoughts in my head as of late. I’m considering taking a pay cut in my day job. I’m considering leaving my day job altogether. There is also the possibility to keep grinding at
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pay cut before reaching financial independence
Would You Take A Pay Cut Before Reaching Financial Independence?
My ultimate financial goal is to be financially independent in 5 years – I’m building multiple income streams for the future and am looking to leave my 9 to 5 and fully scratch the entrepreneurial itch. Until then, I will
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An Update: Behind the Scenes at The Mastermind Within
Hey readers, I haven’t given you an update on what’s going on behind the scenes at The Mastermind Within and want to give you a brief update. This post will contain some thoughts on life as well as some announcements.
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84 charing cross road book review
84, Charing Cross Road
This summer, I have an intern working with me at work and we both enjoy reading books. She lent me 84, Charing Cross Road to read – I had never read it (or heard of it), but I figured why
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