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Building Wealth with Real Estate featuring Leo from I Saved 5k – Episode 18

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Buying a house is complicated, but the puzzle can be solved.

I’ve purchased a house before, and I almost purchased another one and ultimately backed out of the purchase agreement.

There is so much to know about buying a house, securing the offer, real estate investing, and building wealth with real estate.

While I’m not an expert, I do know a few people who have been successful with real estate.

Building Wealth with Real Estate featuring Leo from I Saved 5k – Episode 18

My guest today is my friend, Leo. Leo is a successful real estate investor with a net worth of over $1 million dollars, a real estate agent, and someone passionate about personal finance and helping others. He runs a successful blog and is focused on building wealth for the future through a number of income streams.

I’m excited to chat with him why he believes real estate is a great investment class, how he has grown his net worth to over $1 million through various investments, the steps for buying a house, and other tips and tricks he has that you should know when looking for houses.

You can connect with Leo at I Saved 5k.

With all episodes, I want to have a few takeaways for you to apply in your life. Here are four from this episode:

  • First and foremost, and with most things in life, start with your goals.
    • What is most important to you for housing? How long do you want your commute? What about if you have kids?
  • Find a real estate agent who has the same mindset and wants to help you
    • Some real estate agents only care about the money at the end of the day, but don’t care about you or the house. It’s important to ask the right questions to find the right real estate agent.
  • Keep in mind your level of handiness when seeing houses
    • You don’t want to find a crappy house and realize later that it needs $$$ to do repairs!
  • If you are going to get into real estate investing, finding a friend who is on the same page might be valuable
    • Leo has a business partner who is helpful with financing, spreading out the work, and spreading out the risk

I hope you enjoy this episode!

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