networking and podcasting

Networking and Podcasting on the Commute to Success featuring Ben Peters – Episode 2

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networking and podcasting

How Do You Start a Podcast and What Does it Take to be a Podcaster?

I still can’t believe I started a podcast.

I’m still learning lots, but I’m now on iTunes and Stitcher! I’d appreciate if you left me a review as this is how I’ll rise up in the ranks and get more views! 🙂 In the first few days, I’ve gotten 30 downloads, and I’m excited to keep this rolling! I’ve interviewed 6 successful individuals in the past few days to complement my message and story.

In this podcast, I’m going to be talking more about podcasting and what my plans are with The Mastermind Within podcast. Also, I have my first guest on the show!

Networking and Podcasting on the Commute to Success featuring Ben Peters – Episode 2 of The Mastermind Within Podcast

With podcasting, there is so much to learn. That’s why I’ve asked one of my good friends to come on the show to chat about his podcast and other entrepreneurial endeavors.

Ben Peters is a hustler by nature – he is a Ivy League college admissions expert with over 4 million views on Quora, runs a successful podcast and consulting business called the Millennial Commute, and is a law student here in Minnesota. He is constantly looking for new ways to help people and build things. I’m excited to talk to him today about tips and strategies to start and grow a podcast, why he hustles so hard, and what advice he has for individuals who want to be an entrepreneur.

Some of my key takeaways from this conversation:

  • Do your difficult work when you have the most energy! Swallow the ugly frog first!
  • Success originates from the relationships you form in the world. Surrounding yourself with amazing people is critical for getting to where you want to go.
  • Ideas are worthless, but some are worth pursuing under a certain set of criteria.

You won’t want to miss this episode. Have a listen here or on your favorite podcast platform.





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