getting married and paying down $40,000 in debt

Getting Married and Paying Down $40,000 in Debt with Matt Spillar – Episode 20

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Money is a tool which allows you to do what you want in life.

One of the leading causes of divorce is money, and it’s very important to communicate with your spouse and partner about your finances.

By getting your finances in order, tracking your income and expense, paying down debt, and building wealth for the future, you will be in a spot to do whatever you want with your time and money.

Getting Married and Paying Down $40,000 in Debt with Matt Spillar – Episode 20

My guest today is Matt. Matt is a marketer living in California who recently had a huge win financially: he finished off him and his wife’s student debt! He now is sharing his story on his blog and has been blogging for over 2 years at Spills Spot, paid off $40K of student loan debt including $15,000 in 10 months, has a side hustle with a minor league baseball team, and lives in the Bay Area with his wife and 2 dogs.

I’m very happy to have him on the show today to talk about how and why he destroyed his debt, what getting laid off looks like, what are the next steps for him financially, and much more! Welcome Matt to the show!

You can check out Matt’s website here: Spills Spot

With all episodes, I want to have a few takeaways for you to apply in your life. Here are five from this episode:

  • Figure out where you are financially  
    • Break down your goal, figure out your balances and interest rates, and then determine why you are doing the debt paydown
  • Track your income and expenses
    • What gets measured, gets managed. This is so key if you want to improve in anything in life, but in particular, personal finance.
  • Look to increase your income over time
    • With more money each month comes more options.
  • Realize money is a tool to do what you want in life
  • Personal finance isn’t too complicated, learn a little bit over time and watch your finances improve!

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Hope you love this episode!!!



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