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Preparing for Financial Storms featuring Andrei Polgar – Episode 28

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Are you prepared if a financial storm were to come through today? I know I’m not 100% prepared and unfortunately, I know of many people who are not prepared for a financial storm.

How do you prepared for a financial storm? Is it possible to cover all of the possibilities? Are we in a bubble today? What if something were to happen tomorrow?

While there’s no true blueprint for overcoming a disaster, there are many ways and strategies which can help you navigate these tough times.

Preparing for Financial Storms featuring Andrei Polgar – Episode 28

My guest today is Andrei. Andrei is a two time author, economist, investor and entrepreneur who also happens to run a successful YouTube channel called One Minute Economics. His work has received worldwide exposure, from platforms like MSN to universities such as Open University in the UK or Laureate International Universities to even television, from Holland and Croatia all the way to Kenya!

His second book, The Age of Anomaly is out this week and will be discounted heavily until Sunday – I read it and am excited to chat more with Andrei about the ideas and thoughts about the content. Living in Romania, he has a different perspective on investing and building wealth and I’m excited to chat about his thoughts in this episode.

You can check out his book here: The Age of Anomaly.

Andrei is also hosting a giveaway on his YouTube Channel.

With all episodes, I look to provide a few takeaways for your to apply in your life:

  • It’s better to be early rather than late
    • In the case of emergency, it’s always better to be early rather than late!
  • Considering both sides of every issue is healthy, and all assets have a place in your portfolio
    • While stocks have been great in the United States, there’s a case to be made for all assets. These assets would include bonds, real estate, cryptocurrency, precious metals, art, jewelry, etc.
  • It’s not enough to be financially resilient, but also physically and mentally resilient
    • Having a strong mental game is key to most things in life, and will help if crisis hits.

If you are an iTunes or Stitcher person, The Mastermind Within Podcast is on those channels as well!

Hope you love this episode!!

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