Selling Your Way to Wealth in all Areas of Life featuring Wealth Well Done – Episode 4

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This week, I want to talk about the something incredibly important in business and entrepreneurship: sales.

More importantly though, the thought process behind successful selling and connecting your amazing product and brand with a potential customer.

First though, with sales, it’s important to remember who the buyers are: they are humans and humans like when other people are nice, likeable and trustworthy.

I liken sales to going to the bar and meeting other people (or women in my case). In college, I was a social mess – I would go to the bar, try some cheesy pick up lines, and fall flat on my face (figuratively). I got a lot of no’s, but it was okay. I was experiencing failure, and to succeed, it’s crucial to fail.

As I kept working on myself on the side, I noticed that I started to become better over time at interacting with other people. I was more confident. I was able to walk into a room, smile, and welcome people into my life easier than before.

Being open to welcoming other people into your life is the essence of sales. Being able to open up, and allow another person to enter your life so that you can identify their problems and provide them with the service and products they need is what successful sales people do.

First, it’s getting into the right mindset: sales is about HELPING PEOPLE. Selling is not about making a quick buck – it’s about creating a lasting relationship.

Selling Your Way to Wealth in all Areas of Life featuring Wealth Well Done – Episode 4

While I’m getting better at sales, I still have a lot to learn. I know a few great sales people, one of them who has a business which grosses $300,000+ in annual revenue.

My guest today is Bill, a writer, salesman and real estate investor who loves giving his time and efforts to inspire others in their pursuit of success. He was recently featured on CNBC and has a successful blog at Wealth Well Done. I’m very excited to have him on to talk about his writing and talk sales and real estate.

I felt inspired walking away from listening to Bill speak. There were a number of great takeaways:

  • Extraordinary comes from ordinary people doing ordinary things.
  • Selling is about building relationships with clients and finding a result which is win/win for both parties.
  • Networking and meeting people will result in improved relationships and connections (funny, I remember episode 2 talking about networking for success!)

Check out the episode below, or on Stitcher or iTunes. Enjoy!

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