Side Hustling and Dividends to Financial Independence

Side Hustling and Dividends to Financial Independence with Tawcan – Episode 9

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One of my goals in the next 5 to 10 years is financial independence.

To get to financial independence, I’m doing different side hustles (consulting, blogging, podcast, and a subscription kit) to increase my income and help me save more money each and every month.

Many people have a side hustle these days, and it’s a good way to earn a little bit of extra money.

I love the concept of side hustling, and that’s the topic of today’s episode.

Side Hustling and Dividends to Financial Independence with Tawcan – Episode 9

My guest today is Bob, a high tech product manager, blogger, and someone with three side businesses who is pursuing financial independence. He has been pursuing financial independence for the last 6 years, and in that time, he has built up a dividend portfolio which pays him over $1,200 a month ($15k in 2017 in all passive!), and is continuing to hustle until the day he decides to leave his day job.

I’m excited to talk to him about how he has managed his career, talk to him about his entrepreneurial endeavors, why he is focusing on dividend paying stocks, financial independence, personal growth, and his plans when he finally reaches financial independence.

You can check out Bob at his site: Tawcan.

With all episodes, I want to leave you with some takeaways for you to improve your life. For this episode, I have a few takeaways:

  • Live below your means
    • Spend less than you make!
  •  Figure out which investment vehicle is the best for your savings
    • Do you want to actively invest or passively invest?
  • What gets measured, gets managed
    • Tracking your income and expense over time is so critical to personal finance success!

If you are an iTunes or Stitcher person, The Mastermind Within Podcast is on those channels as well!

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