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My Values and Purpose – Episode 1 of The Mastermind Within Podcast

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my values and purpose podcast

Welcome to The Mastermind Within Podcast!

Are you a mastermind? Would you like to unlock your full inner potential?

With your host, Erik, blogger, entrepreneur, investor, and consultant, you will learn various tips from his experience with personal finance, self-improvement and entrepreneurship. In addition, other highly successful and motivated individuals will be included on the show – and you’ll be introduced to many ideas to implement in your life.


My entrepreneurial itch needed scratching.

So naturally, I did something crazy and probably a little bit irresponsible given all of my other side hustles and responsibilities!

Last night, I made a guest appearance on a friends podcast, and I really had fun. I had just bought a headset and was feeling really good about myself.

I can start a podcast, how hard could it be?

Make 1 episode a week, and feature awesome like-minded individuals on here? I think that is doable.

This podcast will feature stories, interviews, guest appearances, and how-to audio sessions.  I don’t want to lock myself in to one style, but want to experiment with a new content medium while also opening up another avenue to make connections.

My Values and Purpose – Episode 1 of The Mastermind Within Podcast

In my first episode, I wanted to dive in to my thoughts on why exactly I’ve been feeling the way I’ve been feeling.

I’m itching to go out on my own. I have a few side hustles, and a blog which is doing well, but I want it all the time and full time.

I wrote out a number of questions for myself to answer and comment on:

  • What are your values and what is your purpose?
  • What actions are you taking because of those values?
  • Why do you want to scratch the entrepreneurial itch?
  • What’s stopping you from scratching the entrepreneurial itch?
  • What is your goal with The Mastermind Within Podcast?

I’m feeling better than ever right now. I’m super excited to get this podcast thing going!

Please let me know your thoughts and feedback, good or bad! Enjoy!


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