What Motivates You?

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What Motivates You?

A person does not become successful overnight. It takes a determined individual to achieve their goals and maximize their potential. What keeps you motivated? What gets you going in the morning? Do some people naturally have a high motor or is it something that you can work on?

There are a few kinds of motivation, but I want to focus on two of them: internal motivation and external motivation. If you want to increase your motivation, give yourself a reason to perform a task. Sample prizes for yourself could be a snack, a night out with friends, a party, etc. Internal motivation is something that comes from within. Internal motivation is the will to be consistent and give your best effort every day. You can help yourself become more internally motivated by working on the right things every day.

Motivation vs. Work Ethic

I’m curious as well about the relationship between work ethic and motivation: does a strong work ethic breed motivation? Or can someone have plenty of motivation but lack a solid work ethic? This something that is interesting to think about. I believe (and could be wrong), but I think that these are similar things but are slightly different. Work ethic is how hard someone works while working. Motivation is something bigger; motivation is a measure of someone‚Äôs willingness to perform at a high level. Without motivation, I don’t believe that work ethic exists.

Say this with me: “I am motivated. I want to be the best person that I can be. I want to try my best and go for the stars. If I fail, then I want to have tried my best. By working on my purpose daily, I can reach my goals and become successful.”

I genuinely want this for my readers as well. I want us to grow and stay motivated to achieve greatness!

What motivates you? Does your motivation come from within, or from outside forces?



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