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The Best Side Hustles to Start in Your 20’s to Make Side Income

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When getting into business, personal finance, or anything with numbers, some people will look to optimize everything.

We live in a society where more is seemingly better for many things. Gimme more money, more house, more cars, more friends, more food – that’s where the happiness is at, right?

When looking to start a new hustle, a question which naturally comes up is “what’s the best side hustle?”

What’s the best side hustle? Obviously, along the same lines as what we were talking about above, the one that makes the most money!

I’m being a little sarcastic her

What’s really the best side hustle? I have slightly different opinion than you might expect…

The best side hustle is providing value doing what you want

steps to take before launching a businessIn my opinion, the best side hustle is providing value to another person or company and doing what you want with your free time outside of your day job.

There are a number of possibilities to choose the best side hustle. The best side hustle might be the one that makes a ton of money. Maybe it’s one that brings new opportunities and helps you in your day job. Perhaps it’s one that brings passive income and allows you to retire early!

Really though, the best side hustle comes back to doing what you enjoy – without necessarily caring about the profit potential of the endeavor.

I absolutely love blogging and podcasting here at The Mastermind Within. I spend about 15 hours each week writing, editing, doing web design, sending emails, and other things that have to do with blog maintenance and I love it.

While I originally started blogging to make money, I realized over time that if I treated blogging strictly as business, I’d get burnt out and hate it. I’ve changed my tune and now use blogging as a way to work on my writing and communication, use it to connect with other awesome people (readers and other bloggers), and look to build out the content on this website to help others.

Someday I might make some serious money through ads, coaching, or an eBook. For now though, I’m very happy with my growth and reach on The Mastermind Within.

I’m doing what I want with my time and loving it.

Our Time is Limited

Let’s take a step back for a second to talk a little bit more in general about life.

On average, people in the United States are living about 80 years. The first 20 years of your life, you are probably living with your parents, going to school and learning, and playing with friends. The next 40 years are spent working and making a living for yourself and, if you decide to, your family. If you’ve saved throughout your life, your last 20 years might be a lot of fun, or maybe you have to work a little more.

At the end of the day, we all have, at the most, about 525,600 hours (60 years) to live and do what we want. Some people might have more, and some people may have less.

But in this 525,600 hours, a person needs to eat and sleep. Taking out 8 hours a day for sleep and 3 hours for eating, you only have 284,700 hours left, or about 13 a day.

Many people work 8 hours a day (and need to commute as well) which leaves only a few hours a day for fun and doing other things during the week.

Considering work, sleep, and eating, the average person might have 185,000 hours to do what they want over 60 years, or about 42 hours a during a working week between the age of 20 and 60.

Free time of roughly 40 hours a week? That’s actually a surprising amount of time! (Well, weekends add a lot here…)

With Limited Free Time Comes Responsibility to Do What You Want

For people who work a 9 to 5 and have an average schedule, you have about 40 hours of free time a week.

Of course, there are other responsibilities to take care of here, fun to have, and exercise to stay healthy. You might have a boyfriend or girlfriend or a spouse. You might have kids or a elderly parent to take care of for part of the day.

Those 40 hours seem to get burned up real quick!

If you do choose to start hustling on the side of your day job, then all of a sudden you have to pick and choose your activities for your limited time.

Unfortunately, nothing is a guarantee in life financially. What might seem like an amazing bet for creating a profitable side hustle may go sour.

Burning your valuable time doing something you might not enjoy, just for the sake of profit, may not lead to long term happiness.

Instead, as I’ve mentioned above, I believe the best side hustle is doing what you want and providing value doing it. Looking to do something you enjoy and monetizing it will lead to short term happiness and long term happiness. You are doing what you want and potentially getting paid for it over time.

My point here is that our time is limited and the best side hustle is not trying to maximize your money made from a side gig. While yes, over time I do believe it’s good to try to make more money. However, at the end of the day, the pursuit profits for the sake of that money will lead to burn out and will not lead to happiness and life satisfaction.

The Best Side Hustle is What You Want it to Be

In my opinion, the best side hustle is doing what you want with you time and potentially making money in these endeavors.

But really, my opinion is just my opinion. You are entitled to your own opinion and can decide what the best side hustle is for you!

For me, I’ve looked inward and realized that because I love writing, learning about web design, marketing, and communication, and love creating things, blogging is a great side hustle for me.

For you, I believe it’s also about turning inward and trying to determine what’s best for your personality, skill set, goals, and interests.

The best side hustle is what you want it to be. What do you think the best side hustle for you is?

Readers: what do you think the best side hustle is?


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